What Do You Call a Mini Lion … Auric of the Great White North Mini-Issue #3

Creating independent comics is not always a monthly or even bi-monthly affair. Most creators work full time jobs and have other commitments so sometimes it can be some time between issues. The folks at Great North Comics have a great idea to help with the cravings their fans can have waiting for the next issue. Enter the Auric of the Great White North Mini-Issue #3. Released as a Northern Ontario Expo 2017 Exclusive this fun little 11-page comic features an all new story of Auric and a pin-up gallery featuring some of the guests at NOE2017 drawing Auric.

Auric Mini-Issue #3 Cover
Auric Mini-Issue #3 Cover

Auric was the brain child of Mike Rooth, Davis Dewsbury and Andrew Thomas and created as a mini comic to celebrate the Northern Ontario Expo in Timmins, Ontario in the first place. So releasing a new mini-issue at the event feels like a natural move and a great tradition.

Auric’s origin starts back in 1912, in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada where a mysterious gas was unleashed from within a deep gold mine. All the miners inside the ominous shaft are affected as well as the countless townsfolk as this gas escaped to the northern air, changing the course of history forever. This gas seems to transform those that are susceptible into strange, unusual and dangerous mythical beasts.

Auric Mini-Issue #3 Interiour Page
Auric Mini-Issue #3 Interior Page

The Mini-Issue #3 serves as the prelude to the new Hellsion Blade story arc. Too many spoilers to reveal here so you will just have to grab a copy. I don’t know how many times I can state that Auric is just a fun and quirky comic. Josh Rose joins writer Davis Dewsbury this time helping on the 6-page main story. Andrew Thomas’ art maintains that adventurous spirit with his cartoony style accompanied by the bright, solid colours of Sharon Gauthier.

While NOE 2017 is over, the issue was also available at Andrew and Davis’ table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (where I forgot to pick up a copy, d’oh) and I am sure if you connect with them directly on their website http://www.greatnorthcomics.com/ an issue or two can be mailed out. More and more of my comic enjoyment is coming from these fresh indie press comics. If you are strictly a Marvel, DC or Image reader you really need to branch out and check out your own local independent comic creator scene.

Issue: Auric Mini-Issue #3 | Publisher: Great North Comics
Writer: Davis Dewsbury & Josh Rose | Artists: Andrew Thomas & Sharon Gauthier
Price: $4.99

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