What are you afraid of, SWEET HEART?

Nov. 14, 2017, (Pittsburgh, PA)—In honor of World Diabetes Day, I am excited to share the release information for Sweet Heart!

Monsters are everywhere in this world. Nobody’s safe. Coming March 2020, Action Lab: Danger Zone brings you the ComixCentral’s 2018 People’s Choice award-winning Sweet Heart, a new horror comic series by up-and-coming writer, Dillon Gilbertson, with art by Ghastly Award-winner, Francesco Laquinta (Croak), and colors by Marco Pagnotta (Phantom Squad, Captain Canuck). Follow the tale of “Sweet Heart” and you may learn that things are not so sweet after all…

SYNOPSIS: It’s no secret that being hunted is a part of everyday life in Ellicott City; the police force, hospitals, even the school curriculum are designed to make life comfortable for its citizens while being actively stalked by the eerie, insatiable creatures that live among them. Sweet Heart is an emotional horror story about Maddie, a young girl with contempt for her parents’ decision to conceive her into a “feeder family”, and must overcome self-loathing and public ridicule in order to save herself, her family, and a town with no interest in being saved.

“This story serves as both a vessel for my own worst fears about these ‘monsters’ as well as my optimistic views of what we can do about them,” said writer, Dillon Gilbertson. “Like bogeymen that could follow them their entire lives, Sweet Heart began as a thinly veiled analogy for my life with diabetes that grew to represent a number of chronic health, psychological, and personal issues many people deal with everyday.”

Sweet Heart finds the monster in all of us, and maybe—just maybe—you’ll get the courage to face yours.

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