What Are Fantasy Sports?

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve already heard about the phenomenon known as fantasy sports. However, very few people fully understand this concept. Many often confuse fantasy sports with eSports, and the two things couldn’t be any more different.

Because of this, we have thought about creating an article dedicated to uncovering what are fantasy sports and how they set themselves apart from the real thing and eSports. Hopefully, you’ll get a better understanding of this subject after you’re done reading our article.

The Basics of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports, as the name implies, are sports that take place in the virtual medium rather than in reality. Not to be confused with virtual sports, fantasy sports don’t have graphics or traditional gameplay as many people imagine. Instead, they rely on real-world stats from players and teams to allow individual bettors to create their own fantasy team comprised of their chosen players.

From there, depending on how each player has performed throughout the season, a fantasy sports bettor can see how much they have won or lost during a tournament. Basically, each bettor takes the role of a football manager who needs to take every decision regarding their team. Dropping, trading, and selling players are some of the key actions one might take during the season to increase their odds.

Fantasy Sports When Compared to Virtual Sports

You see, fantasy sports are pretty straightforward. They rely on real-world data and play similarly to a football manager simulator.

Virtual sports, on the other hand, play similarly, except you get to see the action on-screen with crisp graphics, the ability to rewind, skip matches, and place bets during a match to increase their odds of winning.

At the end of the day, fantasy sports are much simpler to get a hang of since they don’t require your PC or mobile device to have a somewhat decent graphics processor. And they’re straight to the point, unlike virtual sports that can feature a lot of variations depending on the time of the bet and other factors.


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Fantasy Sports When Compared to eSports

You’ve probably heard the term eSports a thousand times already. They’re video games practically. Any video game that can be played in a competitive multiplayer mode qualifies as an eSport. The more popular a game is, the more valued pro players are.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur and less of a gamer, you have more chances of earning serious profits in fantasy sports platform development rather than eSports development. Simply put, developing a fantasy sports website is far simpler because you don’t require graphics, gameplay, sound, and any other things that make video games so appealing to a more general audience.

Can Fantasy Sports Flourish?

Yes, absolutely. If 2020 taught us something, it’s that fantasy sports are in high demand, especially when real-world sporting events are low in numbers. However, just because sporting events will go back to normal doesn’t mean that fantasy sports will disappear. In fact, the two are better off coexisting rather than competing against each other.

Fantasy sports rely on real sports to get their data and process what each match will look like based on each bettor’s individual teams. Without real-world sports, fantasy sports wouldn’t exist. At least not in the form in which it exists right now. You’d otherwise have a version of fantasy sports based on total fiction instead of existing players that you know and love to see out there in the field.

The Bottom Line

Fantasy sports are worth a shot if you’ve never tried them before. At the very least they offer a vastly different experience when compared to virtual sports and eSports alike. What do you think about all of this? Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever tried fantasy sports or if you think fantasy sports are here to stay or not.

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