Kerra Prime Kickstarter launches April 13th, 2021


Bringing together some of the biggest names in Indie Comics!

I hope you’re as excited as I am because we are in a Renaissance era for Indie comics!



The Tales of Kerra Prime anthology will set a new standard for independent storytelling, bringing together talent the likes of which we have not seen since Caliber Comics’ Negative Burn series.

This ground-breaking Kickstarter project, launching April 13th, features a superstar creator line-up that includes: Bryan SilverBax (Loggerhead), Jonathan Hedrick (The Recount, Freakshow Knight),

Stefano Cardoselli (Sweet Downfall, Freakshow Knight), Bob Frantz & Kevin Cuffe (Metalshark Bro), David Galino, Travis Gibb, Raven Monroe, Chas Pangburn,

Kevin Steward, Robby Bragdon, ChrisTadlock, Elise Strong, Jason Irizarry, and many, many more!!!

We spoke with Bryan about his dystopian superhero universe, which some would describe as “X-Men meets Mad Max.”

“Kerra Prime will serve as a brand that uses connected stories to introduce new talent and new characters, while also providing a level of crossing over that indie titles don’t normally get to see.”

Since each tale can be self-contained, the creative teams can rotate. One month you can tell a love story, the next a mindless ass-kicker story, and then on to a vampire virus outbreak. There will always be a number of projects going on at the same time to allow the reader to get content quicker than one single team would be able to. Bryan will oversee all the stories to maintain the cannon and set up future stories.

Evan K Pozios (Time Grunts, Johnny Phantasm, Silence), scribe on a story featuring a Hopi tribe member left stranded in an area known as the Dead East, beamed when discussing the project.

“It’s a fun, crazy world of reluctant heroes, altered humans, dystopian scavengers, on the unique playing field of a country ripped in half.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to work on a project that features some of the best up & coming talent in comics. And to collaborate on the Red Hawk story with Stefano was a dream come true.”

Silverbax affirmed the high level of talent featured in the anthology.

“The creative powerhouse Stefano Cardoselli suits back up for a trip to Kerra Prime. Being a talented artist/painter Stefano is also a wonderful writer and his work has been everywhere, with no signs of stopping.”


“Raven Monroe served as the writer and artist for a female-led horror story featuring Bloody Mari. She is a multifaceted creative who has work all over the market. We count ourselves fortunate to have hooked up with her before she gets too big for us.”



“No stranger to Kerra Prime, Jonathan Hedrick brings his superb writing talents to our world. His hit titleThe Recount can be found in every comic shop.”




From the creative minds who delivered mega-hit The Recount, Bram Stoker nominated Brooklyn Frankenstein, Johnny Phantasm, and Bloody Mari to name a few – is adding an impressive new anthology and creative brand to Indie comics.

Kerra Prime is the name of the Earth that you know and love, and know that this isn’t the only Earth it needed to be labeled. As storytelling goes the Kerra Prime label shows that the contents are all connected. All the tales that happen in Kerra Prime are all part of the same world, leading to crossovers and many types of stories. Because the whole world of stories is connected you never can tell what supporting characters may come up in the adventure. With so many various characters the types of adventures will always vary so that you never get bored. Kerra Prime is the setting for connected universe storytelling at an indie level.


“With support from readers and as the brand grows,” says Bryan,“Kerra Prime will be used to jumpstart creator owned characters with a short crosser before the creators take that character and do whatever they like, with it while maintaining 100% ownership of their character.”






Kerra Prime Kickstarter launch April 13/ 2021.



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