Ways to Enhance Your COD Modern Warfare Gameplay Experience

Since the dawn of shooting games, the Call of Duty franchise has sat at the top of this genre of games. The exhilarating rush of adrenaline that you get sprinting around and killing enemies can hardly be topped by any game. As much fun as it sounds, it can get quickly frustrating when you’re unable to kill enemies or perform adequately. Being such a competitive game, the bar is pretty high, and people from all over the world compete against each other to come out on top. This means that not only you’ll have to get as familiar as possible with the controls, but you’ll have to also outsmart your enemies. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with the tips and tools you can use to enhance your COD Modern Warfare gameplay experience.


Play the Campaign

A lot of people mistakenly skip the campaign, thinking that it’s not useful, fun, or competitive. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you are a new player. Aside from the immersive story that the new Modern Warfare campaign offers and the gritty gameplay, it is the best teacher you can ever have to get familiar with the core mechanics of the game. Fortunately, there are 4 modes varying in difficulty, but we suggest going with recruit if this is your first time playing Modern Warfare. You’ll be practicing on AI and missions that are enjoyable, so you won’t find it hard to get the hang of it in a few hours.

Added Control to Your Sprinting Game

During multiplayer matches, many players suffer from the lack of control that leads to a quick death. To help you survive longer, there is one tip that you need to stick to. All you need is to strategize your sprints. This means to plan where you are headed instead of running around blindly until you are trapped in one corner without an escape.


Bear in mind that whenever you are sprinting, your footsteps can be heard loud and clear to other players. This is why many people are put at an immediate disadvantage whenever they are sprinting in multiplayer matches. More hacks and tips are included in COD Modern Warfare cheats to be of help whenever you are stick at a certain point that you can’t seem to get past. Understanding more about the game will give you the advantage to know what to do and exactly when to do it.

Vibration Is Cancelled

You may have a lot of enemies, but your biggest enemy is modules’ integrated vibration. If you happen to have one, you need to go ahead and access the game settings. You will find the option to turn them off. This option might be a great enhancement and addition to other games, but when it comes to Call of Duty, the vibration mode will end up shaking your shot and totally ruining your aiming game. Having the vibration switched on will only increase the odds of missing your shot. Turning it off, on the other hand, will give you a chance of improving your performance and your overall gaming experience

Customize Sensitivity and Aim-Assist

The sensitivity of your mouse or controller is very important, and a lot of people think that default settings are fair enough for competitive gameplay. In simple terms, sensitivity means how fast your character can look around. Since you’ll be basically all over the place in maps with a lot of players, you need to get accustomed to making 180-turns and navigating tight corners. You should gradually increase it as you get comfortable to avoid overwhelming yourself. Make sure to turn your aim-assist on if you are a beginner to get the AI of the game to help you focus on the targets. You can also use it to get some cool headshots.

Customize Your Loadout

You shouldn’t expect to perform that well in a free-for-all match in a tight arena with 30+ players with a sniper rifle unless you are some omnipotent COD player. You should avoid having one single loadout that you only depend on. The map and mode of the match should dictate your loadout choices, not to mention that your team can also coordinate different loadouts to create a balanced team. If you’re planning on short-range shootouts, go with shotguns, submachine guns, and pistols. Long-range fights will need weapons like assault rifles and sniper rifles.


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There are numerous ways to play COD Modern Warfare, but there is no single way that works for everyone. You’ll have to experiment with the settings and modes yourself to customize them to your preferences. Focus on practicing and don’t get overly competitive because it will only ruin the experience.

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