Wayne’s Worlds: Will Disney Ever Buy DC Comics/Time Warner?

We just can’t help ourselves!

When even the remotest possibility of a merger that would combine Marvel with DC Comics arises, readers on the Internet just go nuts!

For instance, a couple of years back there was a chance that the rights to Superman might revert to the families of Mr. Siegel and Mr. Shuster, so speculation ran rampant that they’d take the hero over to Marvel. After all, Marvel’s the one that makes the most money.

Well, that didn’t happen, so some folks appear to be ready for another round of “How Would Marvel and DC Combine?”


Disney, Star Wars, DC ComicsHere’s what got all this discussion going a while back!

According to the Hollywood Reporter’s website, once Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner had been withdrawn, the next in line was Wang Jianlin, called “China’s wealthiest person.” He’s the founder of the real estate giant Want Group. According to the article, the 59-year-old entrepreneur is looking to establish himself outside his homeland.

What Wang wants to accomplish “is to make China’s Wanda a world-known brand like Walmart, IBM and Google,” the author said. Asked on CNN during a July interview about his expansion strategy, Wang said, “You can go back and ask your boss if CNN is for sale. I can buy it, too.” He already owns AMC Entertainment, the second-largest U.S. movie chain.

He did purchase a compound in Beverly Hills, then add this to the fact that he’s had troubles in China spending his millions, so he appeared to be anxious to become part of the Hollywood elite.

However, he continues to face many of the same problems Murdoch did, so it’s in no way a sure thing. And that opens the door for Disney.


Disney, Star Wars, DC ComicsWhat really got fans in a stir was only one paragraph from the aforementioned article: “The prospect of combining Disney’s Marvel with Time Warner’s DC Comics might be too compelling to ignore, plus CNN would give Disney the cable news asset it lacks. Disney’s market cap as of Aug. 8 was $149 billion compared with Time Warner’s $63 billion, which gives Disney CEO Bob Iger more leverage than Murdoch might have had.”

Believe it or not, there are STILL people who are talking about a Disney takeover!

I’m always intrigued by the fact that more people aren’t more concerned that Disney is turning into this monolithic corporation that owns a huge chunk of the entertainment industry, and may be trying to acquire more! (I dare say that if the situation were reversed, with Time Warner trying to buy up other entertainment companies, the howling would be deafening!) I know I’m apprehensive about it!

If this merger were to take place, would Disney combine Marvel with DC? Should they? What would happen if they did?


Disney, Star Wars, DC ComicsPersonally, I’m against this taking place for a few reasons. First, Disney already owns too many franchises, in my humble opinion. Yes, we could see Superman cross over with Star Wars, but would that mean good storytelling? I don’t think so!

Second, a takeover like this would mean that one company would produce roughly two-thirds of the comics hitting stands each month. I think that the competition between Marvel and DC is a good thing, and to remove that with only one corporation with that big of a share – well, it would drastically change the industry. I think it would make it much more difficult for companies like Image, Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM! and Dynamite to compete. With that much money to throw around, Disney could generate a LOT of product and try to run everyone else out of the business! And this time, this strategy just might work!

Third, I think creativity would suffer. I believe that there’s a lot of taking chances going on right now, and we need that! If 66 percent of all comics were “Disney Comics” and just having that name on it would guarantee a certain level of sales, who cares about story? Or characterization? It would be just a comics factory, seems to me!

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy crossover events! I enjoyed the Amalgam Comics experiment quite a lot and would like to see more of that. But combining the two companies permanently? No!


Disney, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Darth VaderBut there is good to be had with Disney buying Time Warner. Perhaps a huge brand like “Disney Comics” might revive the industry. With that much capital on hand, the corporation could reduce the cost of each issue, making them more easily purchased.

Imagine an Avengers/Justice League movie! Batman against Wolverine or Captain America? I met a lot of people who couldn’t wait to just SEE the Avengers live on the big screen. What would happen with DC characters meeting Marvel heroes?

As much as I think creativity might be hindered, I could be completely wrong. Maybe having a big “bullpen” could encourage people to make better books, try out new things, as they interact with each other more. If Disney would allow these events to take place, that could be a big boost.


Disney, Star Wars, DC ComicsWe have to remember that Time Warner may NOT be looking for a buyer, though. They did turn down a boatload of money from Mr. Murdoch, for example. Not only that, but the SEC/U.S. government might step in and stop this from happening to prevent such a monopoly from taking place. Works for me!

Also, there are other possible bidders, including Google and Apple. Both have a ton of money to throw at Time Warner, and they may be better for the company overall. As long as Google Time Warner wouldn’t end up like AOL Time Warner, that is! Apple would LOVE more content for iTunes, though!

What matters most to me, though, is the quality of the comics. Will they be worth buying and reading? Will collectors want to save them? Bigger is not always better, after all!

This is all speculation at this point, and we comics fans do love to play this game! So stay tuned for more as it becomes available!

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