Wayne’s Worlds: Peanuts Vol. 2, #5

I’m so glad that KABOOM! (the BOOM! Studios comics line for kids) is breathing new life into the Peanuts franchise. I grew up reading Charles Schulz‘s wonderful and whimsical daily newspaper comic strip. I’ve been a big fan for years, and if you were to visit my home, you’d see all kinds of Peanuts action figures and figurines there. (Right now, the Christmas ones are getting ready to be put away and returned to my closet.)

Here’s the comic’s description for Peanuts Vol. 2, #5, in stores as of Wednesday, January 23: “NOW AN ONGOING SERIES! Peanuts is back for the new year with Snoopy’s most beloved personality taking center stage … The Flying Ace! Will his Sopwith Camel hold up against the Red Baron long enough for Snoopy to make it back to the café for a cold, tall root beer? Charles Schulz’s beloved creations keep going strong with all-new stories mixed in with Schulz original Sunday strips.”

I’ve been very curious to see how Peanuts would translate to a monthly comic. Interestingly, the new stories are presented in the full-page comics format, but sprinkled in with them are classic Sunday strips. There are new stories in the comic, each done by different people (too many for me to list here), but they all maintain that magic that is Peanuts.

As previously mentioned, the first story deals with Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace down behind enemy lines! The next one is called “Crabby New Year” and has Charlie Brown trying to wish Lucy a happy 2013. Third up is “Dirty for a Day,” in which Linus explores Pigpen’s choice to be covered in soil. We get some classic Schulz strips, and finally there’s an excerpt from the It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown! graphic novel. All do Charles Schulz proud, I believe.

So, if you have kids you’d like to begin reading or if you yourself are young at heart, be sure to make the Peanuts comic a monthly “must” for your buying list! I know I’m looking forward to them tremendously!

Below you’ll see one of the covers! Don’t miss it!

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