Wayne’s Worlds: Not Any Longer!

Every so often, I look at trends that I used to enjoy, then I realize I’m no longer a fan.


Star WarsI know that a LOT of Star Wars news came out recently, but a few years back, I lost interest in this long-lived franchise, so I didn’t read any of it.
And I used to be a big Warsie, too! Granted, I have always loved Star Trek more, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying both sci-fi franchises. I mean, I stood in line for hours to see that “first” film. I saw it 10 times in the theater! I started taking friends who hadn’t seen it so I could watch their reactions. I loved the animated show on Cartoon Network, watched it every time a new episode was released!
But somewhere in the recent films, I got bored. I no longer cared about the characters, and I stopped watching the movies and all the many and various Disney+ shows. I found I didn’t enjoy the stories, and I actually found them kind of repetitive.
I know—blasphemy, right?
I don’t know what it would take for me to get back into Star Wars, honestly. Maybe if I heard a new presentation was GREAT, unmistakably so, I would give it a look. I mean, I have been told I HAD to watch a certain show (like, EVERY one), then looked at it only to be seriously disappointed! So for now, I’m a big science-fiction guy, but not into Star Wars! However, if you enjoy it, good for you!


Batman, Alex Ross, Todd MacFarlane, action figureWhen these first came out, I was all over trying to find them! I loved the articulation, the cool appearance, and the fact that we finally have seen some characters as action figures for the very first time! Wow!
But every good thing, particularly a trend that wears out my wallet, comes to an end. I mean, how many Batman figures and vehicles can I have, anyway?
I mean, I never assemble the figures you need to buy every character in a set to make. I’d rather buy them assembled by others online instead! It’s so worth it!
I remember after I bought the Capullo Batman and the accompanying cycle with a skull on the handlebars. I looked at the figures I had in my room, and I realized I could add no more without making changes like packing everything up and moving.
So I stopped. I mean, I didn’t buy any of the toys associated with the recent The Batman film, a first for me with the Dark Knight! Yes, I did recently pick up an Alex Ross Batman figure (see above), but that was because I have loved that look for years! But while I like seeing them get made, I can’t purchase any more! I can’t afford them or fit any more into the space I have available! Sorry, Todd!


An important and regular part of my comic-buying routine used to be that I would sit down and read every page in what my brother and I called the “phone book” because of the number of pages in it—the Diamond Previews! You know, the thick book that used to contain every single mainstream comic coming out in two months!
Now, I still do buy it, but I now get it so friends can check out what’s coming out from very specific companies they have an interest in.
Part of this has to do with time! I don’t have the chance to devote the hours I used to give to Previews!
Also, social media has been doing a very good job of letting me know what I will want to buy. I print out the info I need so I can take it to my LCS to be sure it will be ordered.
Add to this that the Previews no longer has all the info I need—DC in particular is missing! (I do read the DC free “preview” monthly publication, though!)
Another thing that keeps me from devoting all that time is that the LCS I frequent does a great job of predicting what I (and other customers) will want. The owner even ordered a $200 B:TAS statue I had never heard of, and I was happy to plunk down my money to have it! I love that!
One of the constants in life is change, and I expect things will continue to develop when it comes to buying comics as we move forward!

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