Wayne’s Worlds: Marvel Versus DC, Now More than Ever!

The same animosity between Marvel and DC not only continues in the comics, but has moved to the movie theater and TV as well.

It doesn’t have to be this way!


I did like it when one person, when talking about this very rivalry, asked, “In what universe is $866 million a failure?” Really, the vast majority of filmmakers would LOVE to bring in a total even near that amount!

Marvel Entertainment has done well in the movies. Warner Bros./DC is just revving up that engine, so I’m not surprised the recent Cap film has brought in more money. If this hadn’t happened, that would have been a surprise.

Both have succeeded on the small screen as well. Marvel has Daredevil, Jessica Jones and upcoming series’ such as Luke Cage on Netflix, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. There’s also Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers on Disney XD. DC’s products include Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Preacher, Lucifer and Supergirl, among others.

DC does better on direct-to-disc movies, putting out at least one every six months or so. Marvel, not so much.

And Marvel continues to generate twice the comics business that DC does. It narrowed some when The New 52 first hit, but we’re back to business as usual now.


I’ve often mentioned that Marvel and DC look at their characters differently. Marvel’s folks resemble more day-to-day life, while DC usually makes their heroes larger than life. I prefer DC, but there are times I like Marvel’s choices, too.

A comics shop owner I know was asking younger kids if they preferred DC or Marvel. Almost all of them liked Marvel. Why, they were asked. Because they’re cool, was the reply. More than that, the children couldn’t say. And they’re hopefully the future of comics!

At times, DC and Marvel have worked together, such as the Amalgam Universe. They blended heroes from both companies into new characters, such as Batman and Wolverine becoming Dark Claw. I really enjoyed that series a lot. I’d like to see more, frankly. And I haven’t even mentioned the excellent JLA/Avengers crossover!


It seems natural that when we have two groups near each other on almost any level, they develop a rivalry. Which one is best? Which one is not? I mean, it’s huge whenever the two Ohio football teams meet. The Cleveland Browns versus the Cincinnati Bengals is a big deal locally when that happens. The winner supposedly “represents” the state.

Of course DC wants to sell as many comics as Marvel does – EVERY company wants that! And competition is a GOOD thing because everyone tries harder to be the best.

What I’m REALLY tired of, though, is the fussing between fans of both companies online. I mean, the vitriol is just unbelievable sometimes! Both sides are guilty of it! And some of it makes NO sense at all!

I’d like to ask everyone to take a breath before you start posting ad hominem (personal attack) entries about someone who thinks or feels differently than you. I find it so funny that during an era when most of us try NOT to offend others, comics fans can, on the Internet, denigrate people who love the same interest they do.

One example that stood out to me recently was someone who posted a negative review about the Civil War film before it debuted. There were literally hundreds of responses attacking the reviewer, including name calling, assuming the person’s motives, and even threats! Come on, people – not every reviewer is going to perceive movies the way you do!

I read one person saying that the reason Civil War didn’t take in over $200 million its first weekend was because Batman V Superman scared people away. I’d love to understand the basis for that assumption, actually!

“The best DC comic isn’t as good as the worst Marvel book.” I’ve heard that one many times. Often, when people who hold that view actually READ titles from the other company, that perspective changes. Not only that, when they sample Image or other companies’ product, they can discover more great material they had been missing.

Look, I understand that Marvel and DC like it when people support their product. After all, they work hard to create it. But I don’t care for people who hide behind the Internet so they can threaten or attack people they disagree with. If you don’t like something, don’t go back to see a film in the theater or buy the discs when they come out. Move on to what you think is better rather than cutting down something you don’t like. Accentuate the positive! I would hate for people who aren’t comics fans to be driven away from the films because fans attack each other so much. Yikes!

We’re all comics fans here! In my opinion, we’re in a golden age right now. Comic-related products doing as well as this? I would have LOVED to see this kind of success from everyone several years back when we were subjected to clunky films and TV shows that didn’t respect the characters or the fans!


I’d like to please request that if you come across someone who differs with you, that you simply say, “I disagree.” Thinking people disagree, and it’s one of the best things you can do when you say, “We’ll have to agree to disagree.” It’s okay to like what you like, but it’s also okay for others to like what they like, even if it’s a different choice!

Personally, I hope both Marvel and DC continue to have even more and more success. It’s great for the industry and great for us, the fans! Hey, I’d even love to see more films based on other comic properties from other creators. Some are in the works, I know, but there are a LOT of comics stories that would translate to live-action extremely well.

Haters don’t have to hate! So, more success to Civil War! Wishing big success for Justice League! The better they all do, the more likely we are to enjoy more comics-based films and other products in the future! More, I say! More!

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