Wayne’s Worlds: I Can’t Keep Up With It All!

I’m big into comics, but as hard as I try, I just can’t keep up with everything that interests me!


Knighted, local comics shop, Zack Kaplan, Break Out, Dark Horse Comics, Metal Society, Image/Top Cow
I’m absolutely certain I drive the very kind woman who runs the comics shop I frequent completely crazy!

Each week, I print out a sheet with the comics I’m expecting to be in her store. I often bring a pen so I can check off the ones I want to be sure I get.

The bad news is that I just don’t keep up with the comics I want as I should have.

For instance, I recently found out that one of my favorite comics sci-fi authors, Zack Kaplan, was putting out new books. The first, Break Out, was being released by Dark Horse Comics. The second, Metal Society, was coming from Image/Top Cow.

The problem I often have is that the news releases hit my email BEFORE they appear in the “new” section of the Diamond Previews of any of the other “new” sections from Lunar or anywhere else.

What I’ve done to help make sure she gets what I want ordered is to print out the emails with the information about the books I want her to order. She then attaches it to my pull list.

However, the ordering happens after all this takes place. Once I give that info to her, I figure it’s all going to come to pass. But she’s busy, too, and sometimes the ordering cycle doesn’t match up to checking out my printouts. So sometimes, they just aren’t there.

Then, too, I sometimes forget the names of the books I’m interested in. It often happens that I am going through the list of comics coming out this week when I find a name that jolts my memory. The bad news is that it’s often issue #2 or #3, so I’ve missed #1!



Knighted, local comics shop, Zack Kaplan, Break Out, Dark Horse Comics, Metal Society, Image/Top CowShe often gives me updated pull list forms to fill out, and I’m not good at transferring all the stuff I want from the old list to the new one.

Then, too, I get frustrated with having to fill out new pull lists. “Didn’t I already say I wanted that book?” I often think.

I really wish that the lists of comics would include the names of the creators with the titles of the issues. That way I might actually remember which ones I have been missing! Even just the last names would be helpful!

The only thing I can think of doing is to start making a list of the books I’m interested in as soon as I see them.

Granted, the woman at the shop has been very good at figuring out what I like and surprises me with great stuff now and then! I can’t fault her for that!

Now, I’ve seen apps for my iPhone that are supposed to simplify this whole process. The bad news is that I don’t want to update all that information AGAIN for my phone. I just filled out the pull list again, for goodness sake!


Knighted, local comics shop, Zack Kaplan, Break Out, Dark Horse Comics, Metal Society, Image/Top CowSome friends of mine who are even bigger comics aficionados than I am look at buying comics like it’s a second job. They fill out forms, they organize their boxes, they keep everything in order from week to week.

Sadly, I have too much to do to complete all that paperwork! And I’m working several part-time jobs these days, so I have to keep up with and complete all that good stuff so I have the money I need to buy my books!

I don’t need another job! I sometimes think I already have too much to do!

A few things console me when it comes to all this.

Trade paperbacks. Thankfully, most comics companies will collect and release stories in editions that include every issue involved. The only thing I have to do is remember to ask for the store to order them for me. Example: Once and Future from BOOM! Studios. I got only the trades.

Digital editions. I do this more and more. When I discover that I’ve missed something, I go to comiXology or a few other digital comics stores. If I can at least read the issue or issues I’ve missed, I can get on track enough to buy the issues that are coming out now! Example: Knighted from AWA Studios.

Stores aplenty. The great thing about having a pull list is that I almost always get what I know I want. The disadvantage is that sometimes I don’t know I want something until I see it! So what I do is, when we travel around for errands or other needed trips, I stop in a different comics shop and see what they have there. Example again: Knighted from AWA Studios.

See, my main store doesn’t keep back stock at all. So if I gum up the works by missing something and asking her to see if she can get it a few months later, it’s often too late. She’ll tell me that if I find it at another store, I should buy it.

So, I’ve taken her advice. She still gets the lion’s share of my business, but every so often I get to another store and see something I just have to get!

However, even those stores may not have what I need. I keep in my back pocket a store I go to when all else fails. The fellow who runs that shop is great at knowing what to get for his customers, so he’s my go-to guy when I have run out of other options. And no, I’m not going to say who that is because I just may need him again sometime soon, sorry! There are other shops like his around if you need them–just look for them.

Just imagine how complicated my life would be if I was a major collector! Yikes!

Still, I love my comics! I love diving headlong into a story that pulls me and doesn’t let me go! I’m still figuring out the best way to be sure I get all I want. When I figure that out, I’ll let you all know!

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