Wayne’s Worlds: Ghosted #2

You know how the standard supernatural story goes. Group enters haunted house, one by one they are taken out, then everything wraps up with a big reveal as to the supernatural entity’s motivation, which in the end leads to its demise with maybe one or two of the original group left to escape and live another day.

Well, if you want to read something different along these lines, be sure to pick up the comic called Ghosted. The second issue in the series will be released in local comics shops from Image Comics this Wednesday, August 14.

Here’s its description: ” The Trask Mansion has a bloody history of death and dismemberment. Jackson T. Winters’ #1 rule to survive it: Get out before the sun goes down. But how can his team of paranormal experts steal a ghost without breaking a few rules?”

If you’ve been reading Masks and Mobsters from Monkeybraincomics.com or Captain Midnight from Dark Horse, you’re already familiar with the excellent scripting of writer Joshua Williamson. (He also co-wrote several stories in the most recent issue of Detective Comics for DC.) However, don’t expect Ghosted to in any way resemble those two books (except that it’s very well written). What makes Williamson such a terrific scripter is that he can adeptly handle many different kinds of storytelling, and this book is no exception!

The plot thread that continues to fascinate me about Ghosted is that Winters is hired to steal a ghost for his employer’s collection of unusual items. Although Williamson has this all figured out (and it’s supposedly a simple solution), for the life of me, I can’t figure it out! I have to keep reading for many reasons, including that one – I have to know how this will be done!

Also, Winters assembles a crew around him representative of many of the types of “hunters of the supernatural” around him, including two from the “Ghost Trappers” TV show, a medium, a skeptic, a con artist, and the lady who is the hired muscle for the rich man making this operation happen.

Mr. Sudzuka’s art is easy to understand and is perfect for Williamson’s story. He easily shifts between the “normal” world to when the con artist stumbles upon a doorway that opens up into an “otherworld” and when a ghost slowly chases the skeptic as he heads to the front exit of the haunted mansion. Yikes!

One of the scariest parts of the issue has to do with the local sheriff, who talks with the “Ghost Trappers” stars, then leaves them to scouting out the mansion. One of Winters’ team doesn’t want him interfering with them any further, and uses less-than-supernatural means to ensure there’s no chance of him coming back to surprise them again.

By mixing the supernatural with the natural, this book’s creative team keeps us guessing from page to page, which makes for a powerful read and a gripping story.

If you didn’t get the chance to pick up Ghosted’s first issue, it’s gone back to press, so you should be able to get a second edition very soon, hopefully this week! Don’t miss it and future issues of this terrific comic!

Check out the cover on this second issue below:

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