Wayne’s Worlds: Dee Fish’s The Wellkeeper #12

I’m always really happy when comics creators produce what are called “independent” comics. In other words, they’re not under the banner of a “known” comics company.

There’s one series that I’ve really enjoyed that I first encountered at last year’s Florida SuperCon in the Miami, Florida, area. I bought a couple of issues first, then as I had the chance to sit down and read them, kept going back for more because I was pulled deeply into the series.

The last issue recently came out, and I’m happy I can share my thoughts on the series!

Here’s the comic’s description for Dee Fish’s The Wellkeeper: “THE WELLKEEPER© is the tale of a young girl named Zoe, the latest in a long line of women known as Wellkeepers. She is charged with the task of guarding the living energies of the earth itself and is empowered to communicate and control those very forces. With these gifts, Zoe can talk with plants and animals, and control the forces of life itself. But she is hunted by dark forces that seek to destroy her to take her gifts and bring about the death of all things. Available as both digital downloads AND awesome printed editions, you can order all 12 individual issues or the entire series in the form of 3 epic trade collections!”

Not all comics have to do with superheroes or have their characters run around in tights or other kinds of costumes. Some are “average” people thrown into unusual circumstances, and these bring out the best or the worst in these people.

We see this very kind of thing happen in this 12-issue series. A young girl finds herself with powers that work with nature, and these cause dark forces to seek her out and attempt to steal her abilities as well as her life.

We first see Zoe raiding a garbage can as she hunts for food. She encounters Sebastian, a boy about her age who will become a fast friend, one she’ll need in the time ahead. We come across a local police officer and Zoe’s own grandmother, both of whom have important parts to play in this story.

At first, I was a little put off with several talking animals, but they too are integral to the story, so don’t let that hold you back!

Dee Fish is the person behind the book, and he also creates the online strip “Dandy & Company” from his home in Florida where he works as a freelance cartoonist and graphic designer. He had a booth at the 2014 Florida SuperCon, and that’s where I met him and his comic.

Dee has a great way of pacing a story as well as developing characters we come to know and care about right away. When I saw what happened to Zoe’s friend, I was stunned and had to get more issues. You might feel the same way. His art is very compelling as well as his scripting, so I strongly encourage you read title.

The one thing some folks might not take to in this comic is that the art is in black and white, not color. Honestly, I forgot that detail almost immediately as the story and the people became real to me. In my mind, the pages colored themselves, and I couldn’t wait to turn the page!

All 12 issues have now been completed, and a collection will be coming out soon! However, you can sample issue one at Comixology.com at this link for $.99. If you want to order more issues of this book online, go to this link and look for The Wellkeeper!

Below you’ll see the covers from the collected edition! I’d present you with some of the first pages of the final issue, but there’s a HUGE reveal that would spoil the story for you! NO WAY I’m doing that! The last issue is full of shocks, twists and turns, so I highly recommend you get it!

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