Wayne’s Worlds: A Potential Success Story?

While the comics industry is apparently in a sales slump, there are still creators experiencing major accomplishments!


Comics, comic books, Rippaverse, Eric July, Chuck Dixon, Isom, crowdfunding, Avery Silman,I’ve been talking a lot recently about how the comics industry has big problems to overcome, but I keep coming back to at least one apparently huge success story in comic books that I think we might need to consider—The Rippaverse, called “a comic book company… for comic book readers!”

The Rippaverse was established a few years ago by a lifelong comics fan named Eric July. He has publicly stated that he didn’t want to be part of the group of fans complaining about the industry, but instead wanted to be part of the solution. He still believes in the magic of the comic book culture.

On their website, there is a code of ethics that begins with this:

“Our founder had been rooted in the culture of American comic books since he was a youngster and being a creative in the industry was always a dream of his. But the unfortunate state of the industry gave him the push that he needed to give it a shot.”

There are three codes of ethics listed here:

  1. Respect the Customer. “Rippaverse Comics is not entitled to your money, and we must earn your support. It’s on us as the creators to produce something that you find of value and can remain invested in.” The company’s success will be largely dictated by its ability to keep its customers interested and satisfied.
  2. Canon & Continuity. “A vast universe that is ever-expanding is what we hope to accomplish. This is something that has long been intriguing about modern American comic books, but it has become a lost art. The Rippaverse will fill this void.” They intend for every book a customer buys to always matter.
  3. A Comprehensive Timeline. “Because we value canon and continuity, it’s important that you’re able to follow the timeline as these characters grow. This will especially be helpful for those of you that become customers years after our founding.” They will have an available OFFICIAL chronological timeline that will be constantly updated by the company. This is intended to make it as easy as possible to keep up as their universe grows.


Comics, comic books, Rippaverse, Eric July, Chuck Dixon, Isom, crowdfunding, Avery Silman,About a year or so ago, the Rippaverse launched its first crowdfunding campaign. It was for ISOM #1. Here’s the description: “Avery Silman is a common rancher, but that wasn’t always the case. After obtaining some unique abilities, Avery spent a brief stint being a hero under the moniker Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he walked away from this life. But after responding to a call from his sister, some violent altercations ensue and has Avery reconsidering his approach.”

The campaign had a goal of $100,000, which is ambitious by any standard in crowdfunding. This project ended on July 25, 2022, and the total amount raised was—and this is an accurate total–$3,737,920! That’s 3,738 percent of their revenue goal! I was one of those backers, and I was happy to give my money to the Rippaverse even though I hadn’t seen a single issue!

It wasn’t long before that initial 96-page issue written by Mr. July and with art by Cliff Richard arrived in my mailbox. And it was well worth the $35 I had sent in! The book was full of adventure, believable characters, and a story I enjoyed and found easy to follow, full of interesting twists and turns.

I loved it!

Needless to say, when the second campaign began this year, I quickly signed up for ISOM #2. This time, they sought $350,000 as their pre-order campaign goal. They didn’t quite make the same amount as their first one—this time, $2,351,589!  That was 672 percent of their sales goal.

Not long ago, I received the second issue in the mail. I enjoyed it as much as the first one! Now I’m anxious to support the third book as soon as it is announced!

Until that hits, there are all kinds of related items you can buy in their online store here. And there are related comics coming, too, including Alphacore #1, a spin-off written by Chuck Dixon and with art by Joe Bennett.


Comics, comic books, Rippaverse, Eric July, Chuck Dixon, Isom, crowdfunding, Avery Silman,As someone who has read comics literally for decades, I love the return to that word I love so much—adventure! It’s derring-do, buckle-that-swash kind of storytelling that drops me into that universe from the very first panel. You know, it used to be called Action Comics for a reason!

If diversity is important to you, you could also find the Rippaverse engaging. Isom himself is a person of color! There are fascinating female characters to read about as well, and I’m sure more will be coming soon!

Now, does everyone like what they are doing and how they are doing it? Of course not! But as Mr. July himself says in an introductory video, they are indeed human, so we can expect mistakes to be made! After all, not every fan likes every comic book character! And the Rippaverse may not appeal to every fan, but I personally find their product engaging and their results truly impressive!

I think the comics industry needs every fan we can get. It’s all hands on deck!

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