Watch the 10 Best Rated DC Movies 

DC Entertainment has been in the business of book and movie production for a long time, and you may have heard about or watched some of these movies. However, their top feature is the comical relief you will get when you watch any of these movies. The thing with DC movies is that you want to watch more when you watch any of them.

It is why many people are curious to know the DC movies in Order so that they can binge on them. In this article, we will list some of the best-rated DC movies, according to IMDB.


  1. The Dark Knight (2008)

The first of the Dark Knight series shows how they hired Joker to bring down Batman and his crew. The plan is to bring them down and continue terrorizing Gotham city. Fortunately, Batman has joined forces with Dent and Gordons. Therefore, it won’t be an easy fight, and we are here for it. The thrill that comes with watching this movie is next to none.




  1. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 

Gotham City has been enjoying peace for eight years after Joker’s reign of anarchy until Bane decides to strike. Now, Batman is forced to come out of hiding so that he can save the city. This movie is filled with action and moves that can fascinate anyone and make you watch till the end. It is a fight between Batman and Bane, and obviously, you would want to know the winner.




  1. Wonder Woman (2017)

In this movie, Princess Diane is out to beat all typical feminine stereotypes. She is one of the warriors training in an all-female Amazonian race. During a plane crash, Princess Diane helps to rescue Steve, who is a US pilot. Now, she wants to fight in a war that men dominate. What is her plan?  We see that she is out and plans to stop Ares. Also, fighting in the war helps her unlock her destiny.




  1. The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Joker will not let Gotham city rest as he plans to take over. So, it is left to Batman to save the city and its residents. But we see that he has a team in this movie and is not on the mission alone. Batman is out with Robin and Barbara. Will this force be able to conquer Joker? You will not know unless you watch this movie.




  1. Man Of Steel (2013)

Looking for a stress buster? Watch DC movies in order from our list and experience cinema at its best! Zack is an alien child who is oblivious of his history until he is sent to earth. Things start unfolding when he gets on a Kryptonian ship. He had to escape his dying world and thought he could live in peace on earth amongst humans. But things do not always go as we wish. Now, some of the survivors from his home have found their way to earth’s universe. How is it going to turn out??


  1. Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

Bruce Wayne begins to distrust Superman and believes that he is a threat to all. It pushes Bruce to take on the mantle of Batman as he is ready to wrestle Superman. Hence, Batman V. Superman, as the name of the movie implies. Ensure that you watch it to see how everything unfolds.




  1. Justice League (2017)

An even greater enemy has made a return, and that is Steppenwolf and his Parademons. Now, Batman cannot rely on his powers and efforts alone. Therefore, he seeks help and makes allies in Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman. Together, they plan to join forces and defeat this enemy.




  1. Suicide Squad (2016)

When you have a squad that fights the most brutal battles, it only fits to name it suicide squad. In this movie, this squad is made up of super-villains. They are now on a mission to stop the ancient witch from destroying the earth.





  1. Green Lantern (2011)

To whom much is given, much is expected. And, it was the case of Hal Jordan in this movie, who was chosen by the ring. He gets supernatural powers, but he also has to put them to use. Watch this movie to see how he balances all aspects of life.




  1. Jonah Hex (2010) 

The star of this movie comes back to life mystically after being almost dead. Now, he has a mission to help stop a terrorist who wants to bring the earth down. But will he be able to accomplish this mission?

These are ten of the best DC movies anyone can watch, and you can see its IMDB ratings as a testimonial. After watching these movies, you will always be on the lookout for more DC movies as you will be hooked.

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