Walter Brogan Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Artist for Danny and Harry Private Detective

First Comics News: Why use animals instead of humans in “Danny and Harry Private Detectives”?

Walter Brogan: I just wanted to try a different look.

1st: Why choose a cat and bird as the two detectives instead of other animals?

Walter: I go out a lot either in a coffee shop or the park, beach with my sketch book and draw. One day I saw a cat and seagull eating a fish, from this I got an idea about a book about The Cat, the Seagull, and the Flying Fish and how the cat and seagull try to catch the flying fish. The cat and the seagull became Danny and Harry.

1st: How do you give Danny and Harry emotions in your art?

Walter: The same way Walt Disney gave Mickey Mouse emotions and Chuck Jones gave Bugs Bunny emotions.

1st: Do you have a favorite animal to draw?

Walter: No, not really. I do like the elephant and the alligator, though.

1st: What is the main drawing point of this comic?

Walter: To tell a story through art and drawing.

1st: How do you determine the size of the animal in relation to the real size vs the size that best fits the comic?

Walter: Creative freedom! I could not use a real cat size next to a real elephant size; it would never work.
1st: What is the hardest body part to draw?

Walter: Hands.

1st: How long did it take you to get to the level of artistic skill you’re presently at?

Walter: As of now, 57 years and still learning to draw. You never really stop learning.

1st: What is the best piece of advice for a new just starting out comic book artist?

Walter: Draw, draw, draw, draw.

1st: You worked on “Cracked Magazine” what type of illustrations did you do for them?

Walter: I did all the movie and TV satires.

1st: What will you be working on next?

Walter: If “Danny and Harry” does well, Charles and I will be working the next story, “The Drugstore on 12th Street.”

1st: What kind of animal would you be best at being other than a human?

Walter: A mouse. I’m such a coward!

1st: What comics would you recommend besides “Danny and Harry Pirate Detectives”?

Walter: I’m not sure what to recommend because I don’t reach comics much these days. I stopped reading the superhero comics some time ago. I was really big on Mad, Cracked, and the original Creepy magazine.

1st: Anything to say to those who enjoy “Danny and Harry Private Detectives”?

Walter: Keep reading, the best is to come.

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