Vote for The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show!

Brendan Montgomery,  Editor in Chief of Sequential Magazine is pleased to announce, on behalf of the Sequential Magazine Awards Committee that The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show has been selected as a finalist for the Favourite Podcast Award for 2019.

The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show has been proudly hosted right here on First Comics News for many years.

The Sequential Magazine awards recognize excellence in the Canadian independent comic book community with the goal of promoting Canadian creators to a broader audience. They select their nominees from public submission and their own choices based on their impressions of the quality of work. The Awards Committee choose a limited number of finalists per category to give the public a curated list of the best of the past year. Then the public will cast votes to determine the winner of each award (one vote per person). The goal is to have these awards to encourage engagement with your readers to grow and strengthen the Canadian indie comics community.

If you are interested in voting for The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show please follow the link HERE!

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