Secondsight Publishing ( DUPLICANT, C.H.E.S.S.’ The Edge, Lady Freedom) is proud to announce that  Divine Retribution has sold out and is getting a 2nd printing. A very grateful Austin Janowsky told Firstcomicsnews:

“I spent the last 7 years working on this book and not only get it published but having it sold out is just a dream come true. I am excited and grateful and so happy that people are enjoying the comic and the introduction to our world. “

Secondsight COO  Marcus H. Roberts says: “We are excited to receive news about the second printing of Austin’s title. Knowing Austin’s professional comic career we are humbled to be part of his mainstream return to comics”


(W) Austin Janowsky (A/CA) Vincenzo Mercogliano

Christine is a guardian angel who has a millennium of faithful service watching and guiding her human charges. She has also spent that time with growing helplessness, quiet frustration, and heartache after countless years of losing her charges to the growing evil in the world. Christine finally has enough when her latest charge is slaughtered and decides that something has to be done. So she breaks her one unbreakable rule: “no direct contact with humans” regardless of the possible catastrophic consequences.

In Shops: Jun 30, 2021


Austin Janowsky is an Actor/Screenwriter/Director, Professional Comic book Artist

Austin Janowsky is celebrating 25 years in the Comic book industry! He has worked for Marvel, IDW, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, Devils Due/First Comics, Scout Comics, Alias, and others! Presently he created a fantasy Angel series “Divine Retribution”

Austin Janowsky is also an American actor-screenwriter-director. He started 4 years ago and has garnered attention for his subtle nuance acting. He has been told he has a “Great Face”. A Meisner trained actor, he has started gaining bigger roles in 2019 with the Netflix film “45 Seconds,” Mark Savage’s feature film Pain Killer and in Dan Myrick and Jeffrey Reddick’s new Episodic series “Black Veil”

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