Veteran Canadian Indie Wrestler Promoting New Comic Book Series

CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL #1 is the first issue of a continuing series about Chance Beckett, the sheriff of a small walled town of people struggling to rebuild their lives and society after a worldwide monster apocalypse. With the remnants of the monster hordes roaming the wilds and conflicts brewing amongst the survivors, every day is a fight for a better tomorrow.

Character Designs by Lee Moder

If the whole world were torn apart, your natural instinct would be to want “your normal life” back.  But when you think about it… how much of what we’ve all accepted as “normal” SHOULD you want back?  Inspired by movies like The Quick and the Dead, The Postman and Tremors, CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL mixes drama, lust, sex, greed, betrayal and murder into one high octane package.

Monster designs by Lee Moder

CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL #1 will be a 32-page comic featuring an all-new 26-page story written by ANTHONY RUTTGAIZER (Heroes of Homeroom C, The F1rst Hero) with art by amazing newcomer ERIK TAMAYO, colours by FRED C STRESING (Rick & Morty, Invader Zim) plus variant covers by BILL McKAY (Zombie Tramp) and ANDY BELANGER (Southern Cross, Mother Trucker).

All 26 pages of the book have been pencilled and inked.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to watch as the first six pages go from inks to colours and then letters.…chance-for-survival

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