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TONAWANDA, NY (May 22, 2019): Have you always wanted to draw? Veteran comic-book artist Andy Smith is partnering with Creation.Ink and Ominous Press for a project to give aspiring artists the tools they need to succeed. Andy has created DYNAMIC HERO TEMPLATES, a book featuring blue-line templates that aspiring artists of all ages can draw over. The project is now live on Kickstarter.

Andy Smith has drawn comics professionally for 25 years, including assignments for Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant, the Chicago Bears football team, and many more. He is also the author of the how-to-draw books “Drawing Dynamic Comics,” “Drawing American Manga Superheroes,” and “The How to Draw Superheroes Sketchbook” (in association with Render Demo), and serves as Art Director for Ominous Press. Now Andy brings his vast experience to DYNAMIC HERO TEMPLATES, which lets artists utilize their designs over pre-drawn figure and head templates.

“When I was a kid learning to draw, I had a lot of character design ideas rolling around in my head. But I wasn’t yet at the talent level where I could put them down on paper and be happy with them,” Smith said. “That’s the reason I created DYNAMIC HERO TEMPLATES. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, or someone who likes to create characters but wants to skip the hassle of trying to draw an accurate figure, now you can open this book and start creating your characters over my blue-line figure templates!”

DYNAMIC HERO TEMPLATES contains 48 pages of figures and head shots, offering a diverse array of males body types and features, all for a pledge of only $10. Other rewards include a copies of Andy Smith’s Ominous Press hardcover graphic novel “Demi-God,” the art book “Black Book: The Art of Andy Smith, the creator-owned “1st Man” comic from Image, and original art commissions by Andy Smith.

The DYNAMIC HERO TEMPLATES Kickstarter will run until June 20:

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Media Contact : (855) 743-4650.

Ominous Press has published the comics series Dread Gods and Demi-God via IDW Publishing, the classic series Legendary, the books Drawing Powerful Heroes and Black Book: The Art of Bart Sears, and the graphic novel Beasts of the Black Hand.

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