Vault Comics Announces Myriad Imprint

Missoula, MT (10/23/2018):  Fast-rising publisher Vault Comics revealed MYRIAD, a new publishing imprint with a distinct focus on middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) stories that will be delivered in a wide range of unique and convenient formats. The new imprint will feature an array of new and established creative voices poised to make a strong impact in the MG and YA space.

MYRIAD will offer a bevy of titles in a variety of unique sizes and formats, spanning original graphic novels, one-shot graphic novellas, prestige-format graphic albums, and serialized graphic stories packaged in robust formats beyond the traditional 22-page floppy comic book. MYRIAD is headed by Vault Editor-In-Chief, Adrian Wassel, and Vault’s Vice President of Branding & Design, Tim Daniel.

“Myriad is a place for emerging and established creators alike to reach the broadest possible audience.” said Wassel. “The idea is simple: Tell stories just as daring, just as beloved, and just as relevant as those coming out of Vault, but for an even wider audience. Current Vault fans will enjoy the selfsame care and craft in Myriad—and now their kids can, too. These are hilarious, heartbreaking, jaw-dropping stories for everyone.”

“Young readers want to make their own heroes—so our heroes must be equally reflective of all of us, representing who we are broadly and as individuals,” added Daniel. “A seismic shift in readers’ attitudes and expectations requires a myriad of choices—both in format and content. The name of our new line expressly conveys our goal, and what we we are delivering to readers.”

“This is all about choice. Our aim is to engage readers in a manner they’ve come to expect—which is through richer, deeply immersive tales offered in formats readers and parents will recognize from content services like Netflix,” said Daniel.

MYRIAD’s first slate of titles are set for a 2019 release. The specific titles and creators will be announced in just a few short weeks. Readers can follow Myriad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and


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