Missoula, MT (12/23/2021): Vault is thrilled to announce WEST OF SUNDOWN, a sweeping western horror comic book series written by Tim Seeley (Money Shot, Hack/Slash, Revival) and Aaron Campbell (Infidel, Hellblazer), drawn by Jim Terry, colored by Triona Farrell, lettered by Crank!, and designed by Tim Daniel.

“WEST OF SUNDOWN is about the great mythologies of the old world slamming into the folklore of the new world…the legends of Europe, and the birth of the American beast,” said Seeley. “And, taking that theme as a skeleton, we’ve draped it with the sewed together skin of Sergio Leone Westerns and Hammer Horror films. Gritty sunsets meets foggy nights. The gothic graveyard meets Boot Hill. What horrors lie in our shared unconsciousness, and how do we stuff them all into a too-tight corset?”

“WEST OF SUNDOWN will be my first writing credit,” added Campbell. “This is an aspiration I’ve had for a long time. For several years now I’ve been meddling in the scripts that come my way, adding what bits of story I can get away with. And over those years my urge to tell my own stories has only intensified. I couldn’t be happier with this debut. It’s given me the opportunity to combine so many of my passions; the history and culture of the Southwest, the classic archetypes of midcentury western and horror cinema, as well as themes of cosmic horror and weird fiction.”

“WEST OF SUNDOWN is a chance to really dig into the texture, tone and mood of two distinct and (to me) beloved genres while at the same time putting them through a less glorified lens,” remarked Terry.” Personally, I’m relishing the chance to pay homage and work in the shadow of some of the legendary comic artists who’ve delved into these genres before, and see if it’s possible to come up with something entirely unique while doing so.”

WEST OF SUNDOWN #1 hits store shelves on March 2022, with haunting covers by Aaron Campbell and Jim Terry. The full synopsis can be read below:

A beautiful ancient vampire must flee monster slayers in New York City, and reclaim the ancestral soil that restores her undead flesh. But things have changed since she was reborn in the New Mexico desert, and now Constance Der Abend and her loyal ex-Confederate assistant Dooley must adapt to life in the rough frontier town of Sangre De Moro. A Western tale of survival starring a cast of literary horrors.

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