Vampirella & Dracula Honeymoon in NFT Town

First Issue of Their Hotly Anticipated New Series Available Now

December 14, Mt. Laurel, NJ: 
Vampirella and Dracula, longtime immortal enemies, just got married. Now in their new joint prestige event series, their relationship will be fully explored. The first issue is now available day and date in NFT form via Terra Virtua.

Legendary writer Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deathstroke) has been leading the charge on a fresh new take and expansion of the Vampirella mythos since summer 2019. Across nearly 40 issues of comics to date, he has brought back fan-favorite old foes, introduced beloved new characters, and blasted open the door on the character’s world. The culmination of his initial two year arc on the flagship title came in Vampirella #25 when the titular heroine married a man who carries a curse and virus that threaten to resurrect the evil of the one and only Dracula. By tying the knot, their union will hopefully prevent that dastardly transformation. But to investigate further, the newlyweds now travel to Transylvania in their new series together.

The momentous first issue is now available as an NFT collectible comic book on Terra Virtua. A limited edition Director’s Cut is also available, with extra features not available in the standard or print editions.

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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