Vampirella & Comic Art Fans Celebrate the Art Form Limited Edition Comic Book Available on Indiegogo

November 18, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite announces a special limited edition Vampirella comic featuring Bill Cox, the founder of the biggest website in the world devoted to collecting, archiving, and admiring original comic book art. The collectible comic book is available now on Indiegogo.

Artist Ken Haeser has illustrated a fun piece depicting the Daughter of Drakulon and Mr. Cox kicking off the opening of an elaborate convention featuring original art. Colorist Blair Smith has added the finishing touches, with a vibrant red of the heroine’s iconic costume, celebratory balloons, and the ribbon being cut. As well as that distinctive yellowish tint to all the art in the background, with many being Easter eggs to iconic pieces of art from throughout comics history.

Bill Cox comes from a background of art himself, but was swept up in web development in the 1990s, right alongside the start of his passion for collecting comic book artwork. In February 2003, he combined these two passions to create as a resource and community for fellow collectors to share their pieces and knowledge. Today it has since also evolved into the preeminent outlet for buying, selling, and trading art as well. With over one million pieces of original art connected to the site, it is one of the underrated cornerstones of the comic book industry.

As the pandemic started and impacted beloved comics conventions, many art dealers as well as collectors sought alternate avenues to engage in their hobby. Cox and partners founded Comic Art Live, a recurring virtual convention, complete with superstar artists joining for panels. Leading to over $3.5 million in original art sales over 18 months, the new venture has taken on a life of its own. Collectors new and old can tune into the Dueling Dealers of Comic Art for live sales each week.

This exclusive crowdfunded variant cover is available in multiple variations for collectors. The standard edition comes complete across the board, with trade dress and all. Alternate editions include a logo-free “virgin,” and likewise logo and logo-less options for just the color-free inks showcasing the original art style of Ken Haeser.

Haeser’s original artwork for this limited comic is also being offered for sale to one lucky collector. Those proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative, benefiting comic book creators in need of assistance.

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