Vampirella 50th Anniversary Ultra-Premium Trading Cards

Vampirella 50th Anniversary Ultra-Premium Trading Cards – Individual Foil Pack

2.5” x 3.5” | Individual 7-Card Foil Pack | Teen+

Vampirella 50th Anniversary Ultra-Premium Trading Cards – Box of 12 Foil Packs

4.75” x 5.75” | Box of 12 foil packs | Teen+

Hot on the heels of the red-hot July Vampirella launch and the introduction of the ELITE-PREMIUM TRADING CARD SET, Dynamite proudly presents a very-special VAMPIRELLA 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE ULTRA-PREMIUM TRADING CARD SET for discerning collectors featuring a large selection of the iconic and seductive siren’s fan-favorite art and artists. This specially culled set with rare art portrays five decades of the world-renown raven-haired beauty in all her majestic, blood-curdling glory! This set will be the center-piece of any Vampirella collector and includes an 18 Card Base Set, PLUS Dynamite chase cards that include: 12 Signed Cards, 12 Line Art Cards, 9 Puzzle Cards, 2 Box Topper Cards, and thousands of one-of-a-kind hand drawn original art signed Sketch Cards. Every signed card features a color ink or ultra-rare, gold ink signature!

Every individual Mini-Box w/ Foil Pack includes 2 Base Cards, 2 Sketch Cards, 1 Line Art Card, 1 Puzzle Card, and 1 Signed Card. Every specially designed, 4-color Display Box includes 12 Mini-Boxes w/ Foil Packs, PLUS 2 Box Topper Cards!

Featuring art from: Joe Jusko, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jae Lee, Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkiewicz, Adam Hughes, David Mack, Tom Mandrake, Nei Ruffino, Maria Sanapo, Joe Quesada, Philip Tan, Billy Tucci, Terry Dodson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Luis Small Jr., Mark Texiera, Mike Mayhew, Tyler Kirkham, Joe Chiodo, Dorian Cleavanger, Kevin Lau, David Finch, Jose H. Williams, Greg Hildebrandt, Brian Stelfreeze, Gary Frank, Nelson, Beck, Michael Golden, Mike Choi, Mike Lilly, Amanda Conner, Alex Horley, Arthur Suydam, Steven Segovia, Dan Brereton, Al Rio, Jenny Frison, Bruce Timm, Neal Adams, Mike Deodato Jr., Rudi Nebres, Pablo Marcos and many, many more!

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