VampFire#3 ReMastered Going to press THIS WEEK!

Happy MOONday Everybody!!!

Lots in the BroadSword Cauldron being cooked up!
New goodies will be revealed this week as well as goodies being in production and being shipped!

This Weekend the ARTBOOK pledge of the Raven Hex Kickstarter shipped and I’m aiming to get pledges that have Original Art from that campaign, in the post this week! Also, all but 15 Tarot Origin Kickstarter Pledges have shipped- YIPPEE!!! The last 15 are Original Art commissions (totally worth the wait!!) and a few that I had to reorder some t-shirts! Worry not, all is in the works!

Below is my VampFire #3 Studio Edition… so if you haven’t preordered and you want to experience my very first Creator owned project! Please click and reserve your copy!!!

Have a Magickal Week!

VampFire#3 Art & Story by Holly G (aka Fauve)This Exclusive Studio Edition will be ReIssued with a Classic Bethany Skyclad Cover from 1997!
Edition will come signed.

Vampfire #3 Little sister, Big sister Bethany must save her half-sister, Pele and a human child, from Death. She will have to decide whether Death is worst than being a Vampfire. This Double issue then goes on to tell of the creation of Echo, Bethany’s Blood Child.
more than 32 pages!


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VampFire#3 ReMastered

VampFire #1 & 2

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