Using Comics to Graduate from University

Have you ever heard of a great businessman, an entrepreneur, a politician, or a public opinion leader who would not try to position him or herself as a superhero? That’s right! Correct me if I’m wrong, but regardless of how experienced and professional or how green behind your ears you are, you have always believed in something special, something that is way beyond the margins of imagination of others. Now, what kind of a superhero have you been identifying yourself with when you were a kid? Let me guess, you were the shadow of Gotham, or maybe you’ve always wanted to be bitten by a spider?

The power of comics and their impact on our imagination and mental abilities are very often underestimated in modern society. Meanwhile, comics can be of the greatest of uses, especially to the university students as using educational comics is a great strategy to graduate from university with the flying colors. Here comes a short guide for you on how comics can be used not solely for fun but also for education.

Become A Planning Batman

You have, probably, heard about time management and all that stuff that can help you become more productive? Well, nobody says that you can attain the organization skills of Bruce Wayne (in fact, there is no need to), but why not use the educational comic books to organize and manage your schedule? Imagine creating a comic book, in which you’ll draw (being a refined artist is not a requirement here as well) or describe your last month, week, or day in the form of a comics. Thus, as the time will be passing by, you will become able to analyze whether you manage your time effectively or is there something that longs for alternation with immediate effect.

The Iron Man Knows His Skills

Regardless of how arrogant Tony Stark was, it is hard to reject that he was a genius because he knew what he was good at and used it to his utmost advantage. Believe me, every university student is also a superhero. Using a plagiarism checker effectively or at least bothering to use it is an exceptional skill. The professionals from the leading essay writing service in the UK may easily tell you that mastering the art of writing requires as much effort and time as inventing the Iron Man suit. Thus, creating comics or even reading can help you understand what you are good at and what needs to be trained. Regardless of how tall the order of graduating from a university may seem, you can always follow the examples of those who faced the atrocities of life with honor and decency. Just another way for you to apply comics in your studies.

Black Panther Cares for All

Being a university student can somehow be compared to being a predator, a real black panther because sometimes the law of the jungle – the strongest survives – applies perfectly well to the hustle and bustle of university life. When we were kids and used to read school comics we thought that hardships were never gonna get us. What is more, now as we have become adults, we often reject the creative ways of resolving our problems and dealing with our responsibilities. The combination of words comic book university may seem hopelessly shallow and meaningless. But here comes an example for you of how you can use the comics to defend a lot of successful projects.

If you are an accounting student, you can come up with a fascinating project on the economic realities of the world of Avengers. Of course, this is a fictional world; nonetheless, it is interesting as a model itself. If your assignment is to conduct a managerial case study analysis or even create a case study by yourself, why not use one of the copious examples of situational disputes that your favorite characters have been involved in. For example, what would you do if you were Tony Stark in the final episode of Avengers: End Game? Was his decision a classy act of management or leadership?

If your field of study is literature, then coming up with your own comics can even secure you a final grade. Academic writing may be boring and tiresome, especially if you have to write a uk essay, so why not compile a comics book instead? Finally, if you study technology, I guess there is nothing left for you but to try and reach for the stars, so our world could one day reach the level of technological sophistication that Tony Stark has bestowed on his society.


Yes, being a university student is the task that not all of the superheroes could have coped with. It is easy to deal with villains and thieves when you have superpowers. Meanwhile, we – the people of academia – sometimes have to cope with extraterrestrial missions having only the humanly skills and knowledge in our arsenal. Thus, creative thinking is the most powerful of weapons that the students have to fight with the constant shellings of assignments, essays, and projects. Thus, thinking of your degree as of the most horrendous of perpetrators to have ever lived – Thanos – can definitely help defeat him. Turning to comics as to a studying strategy can help you become more refined in terms of time management. It will also make you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a student. Finally, it shall supply you with a lot of fruitful ideas on how to make your projects truly unforgettable. You shall never underestimate the power of imagination, the power that created the comics and may eventually help you graduate from your university.


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