Update on Issue 25 of Rob Hanes Adventures

Work on the 25th issue of Rob Hanes Adventures continues! As recently announced, a unique experience is planned for this milestone issue—a story made up entirely of “Sunday pages,” in a rollicking, high-concept nod to the classic soldier-of-fortune newspaper strips that inspired the series.

Entitled “Old Adventurers Never Die…”, the story is set in the 1930s (don’t worry, it’s explained!) and features many faces that will be recognizable to anyone familiar with the adventure strip heroes of yesteryear. And for those who aren’t, it’s still a rip-roaring adventure!

Above right is a full-color cover mock up and below are a couple of new teaser pages from the story. Click on an image to see it full size or here for the full gallery. (All art subject to change prior to publication.)

Now Available in Specially Priced 4-issue Bundles
Now is a great time to catch up on back issues of Rob Hanes Adventures. At signings and shows, we’ve always offered back issues in consecutive 4-issue bundles for only $12—this option is now available online at the WCG webstore!

You can now order consecutive single issues in bundles of 4 (1–4, 5–8, and so on to #24) for only $12 per pack. And for an even better deal, purchase all 24 issues for only $65—and if you want to include the two trade paperbacks of additional material which gets you the whole shebang, the total is only $79.99!

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