UDON releases new ‘Persona 5’ Manga This Spring!

UDON Entertainment Proudly Announces

Persona 5: Comic à la Carte

A new manga anthology of stories
set in the Persona 5 game universe!

June 8th, 2023: Today UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the next release in its Persona series of manga, Persona 5: Comic à la Carte! This official oversized(!) manga anthology of Persona 5 short stories and gag strips brings fans more of the characters and universe they love. Created by over a dozen incredible manga talents, Persona 5: Comic à la Carte will be on store shelves everywhere this June!

The stories range from playful to deadly, as the Phantom Thieves build their friendships on thrilling shopping dates, visiting back-alley doctors, tackling giant burger challenges, and even preparing their own recipes! Joker, Oracle, Skull, and the team will never be the same!

Persona 5: Comic à la Carte features stories by Yuztan (Dragon’s Crown manga), Kyosuke Suga (Danganronpa manga), Tachibananoneko, Ran, Ueno, Tsukito, Tokiwa, Kazuichi, Ryuuseee, 337, Miyasumi, Kyouichi, and Suga Toshio! The book also features gorgeous pin-ups by KEI (Mikulife: KEI’s Hatsune Miku Illustration Works), Hiro Kiyohara, Eiri Iwamoto, and CHANXCO!

With fans clamoring for more of the Phantom Thieves since Persona 5 Royal made its debut on every major console and PC, now is the perfect time to get a little more Persona on the side, so to speak, in Persona 5: Comic À La Carte!

Persona 5: Comic à la Carte
By Atlus and Various Artists
Format: $13.99, 132pgs, 5.75×8.25″, Jumbo Manga!
ISBN: 978-1772942590
Pre-order now at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Rightstuf,
or a Comic Book Specialty Shop near you!

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