Publisher Offers Catalyst Prime Titles Superb and Quincredible in its Line of Comics for Young Adults

ST. LOUIS, MO—Just over a year since the Catalyst Prime Universe debuted to much acclaim throughout the landscape of pop culture, Lion Forge unveils another evolution in comics’ most inclusive and diverse group of heroes. The company will move the existing title Superb,as well as the recently announced Quincredible,over to the company’s Roar imprint, specializing in material for young adults.

“One of the cornerstone beliefs here at Lion Forge is that readers should see themselves reflected in the books we publish,” says Lion Forge CEO and founder, David Steward II. “Unlike comics’ most established superhero universes, we are not limited by decades of history. Instead, we have the ability to provide teenage comic book readers today with characters and situations they can relate to and grow up alongside as their fandom continues into adulthood. We have already been able to demonstrate this through our partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society on Superb to ensure that our depiction of one of its lead characters was accurate and relatable for children with Down syndrome and their families.”

Superb was created by Lion Forgeco-founders David Steward II and Carl Reed, and is produced in partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society in its portrayal of the character Jonah, a teenage boy with Down syndrome. The series has been a cornerstone title in comics’ most diverse and inclusive universe since 2017, and follows Jonah and his best friend Kayla, two teenagers coming to terms with their newfound superpowers. The series moves to Roar in its third volume next month, written by David F. Walker and featuring art from Alitha Martinez.

Quincredible, the newest series in the Catalyst Prime Universe, follows Quinton, your average high school sophomore, who also happens to be moonlighting as a superhero. While his fierce bravado may serve him, he’s still in dire need of the discipline to ensure he not only saves the day but minimizes the damage done in the process. Enter Maya, a member of her neighborhood watch, who takes him under her wing to give him a better understanding of the responsibilities of being a hero and what it means to save the day.

Quinton’s first real test comes when he faces off with Null, an embittered young man with a vendetta against Foresight Corp. and superheroes at large.


Quincredible features art by Selina Espiritu and Michelle Wong, and is set todebut under the Roar imprint later this year.

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