TURBOxTHRUST comes to Kickstarter

TURBO is from the Positive Universe, where everyone he knows has superpowers, and despite SuperVillains, Mutants & Monsters, Devils & Demons, everyone lives happily ever after, time after time, caught in an endless loop of conflict.  Now he’s run off with VELOCITYGIRL the Seamstress Supremess that stitches up tears in the fabric of reality, destined to become Queen MOMENTUM the Goddess of Superspeed without whom the motion of the Multiverse itself will fail!

TURBO the Kinetic Kid

THRUST is the current wielder of the Caduceus, which was forged by Hermes and handed down to many others over the years, with the intent to dispel conflict, create harmony, & leaving this Alt/timeline war medic with the task to carry fallen heroes to the afterlife. He’s lost most of his powers, but with the mystic weapon in his hand he’ll have to use every trick in the book, and create some new ones, to stop his younger self!

THRUST the Multiverse Nurse

The first storyline will introduce our inter-dimensional duo as an ongoing series which will focus on their two timelines, taking the pair from the same Earth, but both raised on vastly different worlds, their lives & memories eventually merging, paralleling my own coming to terms with being non-binary, through a star studded, cameo crazy, Bachelor/Wedding Special story-arc I’m calling ‘UNION of TIME’&’SPACE!’

TURBOxTHRUST issues XØ will be two comics as one double sized 52 page book, drawn by the awesome VACHE QUARDANI!



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