The third installment of the popular Silverline comic TRUMPS set to crowdfund July 7.

“We’re excited to get issue #3 into the hands of our backers and readers,” says Roland Mann, Trumps writer and Silverline Publisher. “Folks have been asking about the next installment practically since #2 was released.”

No stranger to crowdfunders, Silverline has successfully run and completed fulfillment on-time for seventeen different campaigns. The upcoming campaign will be the nineteenth, the eighteenth is currently in fulfillment.

“Like many other creatives during the Covid lockdowns, our teams kicked it into high gear,” says Mann, whose upcoming Kickstarter campaign will feature three new comics: the aforementioned Trumps #3, Teen Beetle #2, and Switchblade #2 RemiX. “We started crowdfunding…and then just kept making comics!”

Trumps is a sci-fi/superhero story about four kingdoms at war, the winner and the most powerful kingdom gets to call themselves trumps. Trumps #3 is 22 pages of full color story and art. Written by Mann, with art by Quinton Bedwell (pencils and inks) and Mickey Clausen (colors)

Silverline Comics Press Release pg. 2 A Kickstarter campaign is slated to run from July 7 through July 24.

Original art and retailer bundles are available as part of the campaign! Link to the kickstarter:

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