Traveller: Far Trader #3 Out Now From Markosia!

Fresh off the smash hit release of Traveller: Riftbreaker #1, Markosia is pleased to announce that the latest instalment in its hit Far Trader series, Traveller: Far Trader #3, is now available in prestige format print and digital editions. Currently dominating the Best Sellers list on DriveThruComics, fans of science fiction won’t want to miss out on this latest adventure set in the world of one of the galaxy’s foremost science fiction role-playing games.

Traveller: Far Trader #3

Aramis Subsector on the Imperial Frontier. Aramanx was intended to be a luddite paradise, a pastoral world where the pressure and conflict of life in the Imperium could be forgotten. But things haven’t worked out that way. The balkanised world has become a war zone where its numerous nations are ratcheting up tension with one another. It is a powder keg waiting to blow. The crew of the Slowhand enter this volatile environment, hoping to repair their ship and make a few deals, but getting out unscathed could be trickier than they think.

Traveller is the role-playing game of the far future, first published in 1977, now brought to you by Mongoose Publishing. Traveller: Far Trader is a foray into Traveller’s celebrated Charted Space setting, where ordinary spacers take on extraordinary challenges.

This issue also includes bonus material for the game that describes the Helical mercenary unit with stats for one of their vehicles and key personalities from among their ranks.

Written by Chris Giffen with pencils by Andrea Corsi, inks by Matteo Giovanardi, colours by Francesca D’Aniello, cover art by Mykyta Vasylchuk and lettering and design work by Ian Sharman, Traveller: Far Trader #3 is available to order in prestige format print and digital editions from the links on our website now:

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