Trailer Park Boys: House of 1000 Conkys in stores June 2022

A new comic book one-shot from Devil’s Due Comics!

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are BACK! This time in a spooooky one-shot with everyone’s favorite lunatic puppet – CONKY. After Bubbles’ haunted house is cancelled he swears revenge on those responsible, and turns to the long-buried Conky to help him teach Ricky and Julian a terrifying lesson on the importance of Halloween. This one is sure to scare the sh!t out of someone (maybe you), so make sure you got your brown pants on when you read it!

The 28-page comic book is written by Tom Molloy and Shawn DePasquale with art by Brian Rogers. Trailer Park Boys: House of 1000 Conkys will have 3 variant covers and be in stores this coming June.

TPB-Conky Cover A

Cover A by Daniel Leister with colors by Carlos Moreno.

TPB-Conky Cover B

Cover B By Travis Hymel

TPB-Conky Cover C

Cover C by Joel Herrera

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