Tragedy Chapter One: The Enemy Within now on Kickstarter!

Tragedy is written & created by Phillip Russertt, with artwork by Ricardo Silva, who has previously drawn Hellina for Avatar Press and Age of Darkness for Zenescope. Coloring is by Sigmund Torre and lettering is by D. Jason Meadows. Script editing is by Chuck Pineau. The distinctive title logo is designed by Robert Powers and Maura Marie Powers. It is going to be released by Philbo Entertainment Promotions, Inc.

Here is Phillip Russertt’s description of the series:

“Tragedy is a tale of Grace O’Connor facing her inner demons while facing the mob and meta-humans. This is a world of super-powered people, assassins, mob bosses, magic and Chinese mysticism. Readers will experience Grace’s journey of self-discovery while watching amazing action sequences unfold. Will Grace O’Connor finally find peace? Or will they all rest in peace?

“If you like characters that you can relate to on a human level while experiencing intense action, super powers and magic then this 30 page beautifully drawn book is for you. If you love stories with villains you hate to love and villains you love to hate all while relating to our hero then I recommend you pledge on this book.”

I was much impressed by the first several pages of Tragedy Chapter One: The Enemy Within. The book opens with an incredibly detailed splash page of the protagonist looking down upon a cityscape at night, followed by a dialogue-free action sequence. It definitely speaks to Ricardo Silva’s storytelling abilities that he executes this scene flawlessly, making it flow smoothly, investing it with a great deal of excitement.

From there Russertt begins delving into the protagonist, a young woman with a troubled past who appears ambivalent about the violent role that she now finds herself playing. It definitely piqued my interest, and I look forward to finding out how Russertt develops the character.

The design for Grace’s costume is very effective and distinctive. Silva gives the character a lithe, athletic physique. She is attractive without being overly glamorous or sexy. The theatrical tragedy mask Grace wears invests the character with a melancholy air.

Also impressive is the rich, atmospheric coloring by Torre. It works to establish a tangible mood.

In addition to the main cover by Silva, there are several variants available. Among the talented line-up of artists contributing stunning alternate covers are Sean Chen, Ian Churchill, Whilce Portacio, Henry Martinez & Keith Williams, Jim O’Riley, and Shelby Robertson.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund Tragedy #1 is currently in progress and will conclude on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Please show your support for this amazing project!

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