op Cow Productions has named the winners of its latest Talent Hunt competition, an annual event which, in the past, included current Marvel-exclusive writer Tini Howard.

“I know that I say this every year, but this might be the best batch of submissions we’ve ever had,” said Ryan Cady, who acted as Top Cow’s primary judge for the Talent Hunt. “Though we had to select only a small handful of winners, there’s a whole crop of incredible talent about to break into this industry. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

In the writing category, the winner is Adam Breen from Dublin, Ireland.

“I am deeply honored to be one of the winners in this years’ Top Cow Talent Hunt!” Breen said about winning. “It was a massive shock that I’m still recovering from! I’m very excited to work with so many talented people and I cannot wait to collaborate with them and help bring the story to life.”


The winner in the artist category is Gabriele Falzone of Milan, Italy.

“I’m truly honored to have been chosen among so many artists from around the world,” Falzone said. “Thanks to all the Top Cow team for this is a great opportunity!”

In addition to recognizing winners in both category, Top Cow is also acknowledging – and giving work to two runners-up.

The artistic runner-up is 26-year old animator Farid Karami.

“I still can’t believe it. Thanks to the Top Cow Production team for this opportunity and great honor,” Karami said. “I am forever grateful.”


And the runner-up for writing is LA-based screenwriter Rob Pilkington.

“Even as a starry-eyed 90s kid in my local comic shop, Top Cow was always a boss-level presence,” Pilkington said. “I’m beyond excited to be the Talent Hunt Runner-up and contribute a tiny part to the Top Cow Universe.”

This years’ winners will receive $1,000 each from Top Cow, as well as guaranteed published work with the company afterwards.

The two runners-up will receive $250 each, as well as a short story assignment.

“Helping people turn their passion into their profession has been one of the most rewarding things we do here at Top Cow,” said company founder Marc Silvestri. “Big congrats to all the creators that participated, and a big thank you to all the fans that support their efforts!”

This latest Top Cow Talent Hunt ran from September 2019 through February 28, with writers tasked with submitting a 20-page script relating to Top Cow’s the Darkness. Artists were told to draw eight pages based on scripts posted by Top Cow on their website.

Through its many years in business, Top Cow has given breaks to many notable creators in the industry including Tini Howard, Bryan Edward Hill, Michael Turner, Kenneth Rocafort, and David Finch.

“Always a pleasure to give someone a break!” Top Cow president/chief operating officer Matt Hawkins said. “Every year I’m impressed by the quality of entries we receive. Looking forward to doing it again.”

Details on which assignments the winners will receive and where they will be published have not been finalized.

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