Top Comics to Impress Your Significant Others and Loved Ones

Comic books are quickly becoming one of the most popular art forms in the modern day. Comics combine both visual art with written words to tell an amazing story, and the superhero movie craze in the world today has led to greater overall interest in comics. That’s why we’re going to run through a list of the top comics that will impress your significant others and loved ones in various ways. Even if you don’t have a partner to share your impressions with, you can always try using various online dating platfoms like in order to find the most compatible partner. In case you were looking for a feel-good situation, then this is it.

Catana Comics

Usually, comics aren’t something that you share with your significant other like a girlfriend or boyfriend unless you’re a little on the nerdy side. However, Catana Comics, not a comic book but a collection of strips, are something that everyone shares with their loved ones. These short comics feature a fictional version of the author, Catana Chetwynd, and her boyfriend. They go through everyday parts of life, but always come back to reasons why they love one another. You’ll end up sending these comics to everyone you know because they are so relatable.


Spider-Man (Spider-Men)

Another great comic that you will want to share with your significant others and loved ones is the Spider-Men comic of the Spider-Man. This comic features a universe crossover where Peter Parker runs into Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from another universe. The comic is a historic meeting for the both of them, and it is a learning moment for each. They have each received similar powers, but the way they perceive them is different. This one is also important for people looking for representation in comics, as Mile Morales is one of the first major Afro-Latino superhero in modern comics.


X-Men (Ultimate X-Men Vol 1, 41–New Mutants (Part II)

This comic is very poignant and important because it shows that sometimes doing what is right will end up being very wrong from an objective standpoint. In this one, Wolverine confronts a young man who is the sole survivor of what he thinks is a chemical leak. As it turns out, the young man hit puberty and his mutant powers killed everyone he knew. Rather than risk a news event that would paint mutants in a negative light, Logan is asked by the Professor to go and kill the boy. It’s dark but the lesson is nonetheless impactful.


Injustice: Gods Among Us

What happens when the superheroes are damaged beyond repair from the burden that they carry as peacekeepers? That’s the question at the heart of Injustice. In this comic, Superman goes bad after a terrible event befalls him. He brings order to the world in the most brutal fashion while other superheroes fight on the behalf of a very flawed humanity. It’s a long slog through all of the comics, but the setup from the initial comic is something that every comic fan will value a great deal. There are also videogames that tell the story if you’re looking for a little more action.

As you can see, there are a lot of comics out there that will impress just about anyone. When you look at famous works like Spiderman, X-Men, and now Catana Comics, it’s clear that comics have a singular power to spread a message. Oftentimes, these are messages of positivity and hope, and they help reinforce a person’s will to preserve through the day. With that in mind, it’s important to look at new comics every day to see what you take away from them.


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