Top comics for kids this Easter – the Cor!! & Buster Special is out now!

The greatest characters from Britain’s golden age of humour comics are back for a new all-ages comic – and it’s out today!

Rebellion Publishing is proud to unveil the Cor! & Buster Special – an all-ages one-shot designed to tickle your funny bone and introduce a whole new generation of readers to comic book humour at its finest!

Specifically designed to appeal to kids and nostalgic adults alike, the 48-page special is out now in newsagents and comic book stores, retailing at £4.99.

From the world’s naughtiest baby, Sweeny Toddler, to Gums, the most incompetent shark in the seven seas, from the inconvenient invisibility of Disappearing Trix to the road-hogs of the Swines of Anarchy, this one-shot special features top comics talent including a cover by Neil Googe (The Flash), and strips by Ned Hartley (Star Wars), Cavan Scott (Doctor Who), Abigail Bulmer (2000 AD) and Tanya Roberts (TMNT). There’s also games and puzzles aplenty!

It’s the first use by Rebellion of the vast number of classic humour characters since it acquired the archive of comics publisher IPC, and the Cor! & Buster Special offers new takes on some of the greatest characters from Britain’s golden age of humour comics.

Humour comics were once a constant staple of the British newsstand, with dozens of titles filled by some of the industry’s greatest talents, such as Leo Baxendale and Ken Reid. IPC/Fleetway titles such as Cor!, Buster, Whizzer and Chips, and Shiver and Shake entertained generations of children for decades. They were part of the acquisition by Rebellion of arguably the world’s largest archive of English-language comics in 2016 and 2018.

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