Top Comic Books And Superheroes – Slot Themes

Online slots evoke a dozen positive emotions in aced gamblers as well as starters. Before, offline casinos used to support their visitors with stars, fruits, bells, and heptane slots. However, the current situation differentiates a bit and has more offers.

Thanks to rapid technological progress, nowadays, we can play slots online. Such machines are usually purposed in a wider range and more extensive plethora of styles. Nonetheless, one of the most popular themes is comic book superheroes – slot themes.

In this post, we will present you with the top-5 best items of online slots with nice graphics at the most trustful online casinos to try in Philippines, which purpose nice chill and a big win. Options mentioned here are characterized by corresponding soundtracks and Return To Player percentage. So, read below and make notes!

The Development Of Microgaming: “Hellboy”

The “Hellboy” is a medium-risk development from a Microgaming provider. It consists of 20 slot lines and purposes. On occasions of loss, it retunes you 96.49% of your deposit. Playing these slots, you can win around 10,000 per line. Here are used wild symbols of the Hellboy, who doubles your winning.


This slot was created in the blossoming period of online gambling in 1993. And from the moment of opening, it had a leading position in the global gaming market. This 5-reel creation is unique, has nice graphics, includes the theme of famous comic books, and plays corresponding music.

NextGen Innovation: “Superman”

“Superman” is a medium-risk gambling product that supports N/A limits, consists of 50 lines, and is ready to return over 95% of the deposit. It lets to up your winnings up to an x10000 coefficient. Most feedback says that these slots are non-risky and safe.

“Superman” was developed in March 2003 and was one of the first casinos on which artificial intelligence impacted. It was the first pokies who proposed rich and clever premiums and a bonus game called “Save The World”. The nice cosmic graphics of it made you earn hassle-free credits and enjoy the meteoric game.


The Product Of PlayTech: “Man Of Steel”

Another item is a risky slot from the Playtech developer. It proposes N/A winnings and 95.05% RTP if you lose. This product is purposed in a conic style and has 50 lines.

The idea of this casino game design was made real in 2013 after the release of a movie about superheroes. So, the slot’s background is designed in this style and has corresponding music and pictures. Like the items before, it has 5 reels in 3 rows but isn’t as safe as them because the return to player percentage varies from 94.1 to 95%.

Waszdan Develops “The Highschool Manga”

The product from Waszdan Developer is called “The High School Manga” and has been adored by young gamblers in recent years . This item is themed, and the Manga comics inspired the team of developers to present a new product to the public. To ensure its extreme popularity, we will share the fact that it was translated into over 19 world languages.

Playing these slots, you can adjust the risk from minimum to maximum. The average purposed RTP is around 96.41% and in cases of wins purposes an x15000 prize. By the way, you can play it whenever you are and anytime, thanks to its mobile-friendly version!

Genesis Gaming Presents “The Super Wilds XL”

The final item in these superheroes – slot themes review is present from Genesis Gaming Developer called “The Super Wilds XL”. It benefits from others with a high RTP level percentage (96.91%). It is also purposed in a medium-high risk category and purposes x566 wins.

This development from the Genesis provider is rich in bonuses, which can increase your earnings. What’s more, this developer also has some analogs in the theme of superheroes (like “The Tripler” or “Expando Man”). However, this item is the latest and improved in 25 pay lines, 5 reels, and three rows.

Final Considerations

In this article, we reviewed the top-5 comic books and superheroes’ slot themes. Each one has its pros and cons. However, all of them are beneficial and rich in nice graphics. So, just chill, try, get wins, and find the best-themed slot for you!

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