Top 3 Comics to Propose Marriage to Your Girlfriend

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What does the perfect proposal look like to you? At the San Diego Comic-Con 2016, a couple named Chris and Hailey completely changed our ideas of a perfect proposal by cosplaying as the tragic lovers, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and rounding it off with a grand proposal.

Just like this couple, you too can pull off an iconic and creative proposal. If you’re a comic lover looking to pop the question or find Ukrainian brides, we’ll show you the best comics and ideas that will guarantee a positive response from your partner.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Proposal ideas for comic book lovers

If you and your partner are comic book lovers, here are some fantastic marriage proposal ideas you could try out:

A custom comic

Making your partner the main character in your love story is one of the best ways to propose to her. You could commission a custom comic book that features you and your girlfriend as superheroes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy, just a few comic strips asking her to marry you. Headers make sense here. So even checking http headers, first of all, will work greatly!

For instance, you could have a comic strip with the superhero (you) saving a citizen (your girlfriend) and popping the question afterward. This is a creative concept that won’t only liven the proposal but will definitely make her shed a tear or two – tears of joy, of course.

Alternatively, you could just create a comic strip that says “will you marry me?” and a speech bubble where your girlfriend can fill in her answer. This is an unconventional approach, but your woman will love it if she’s into comic books.

A marriage proposal that tells your love story

Everyone has a unique, exciting love story, and yours is certainly no different. Thus, if you’re trying to take a break from the conventional bended-knee type of proposals, you could create a comic that tells your love story, without any ordinary habits when the woman loses interest to one of the important parts in the relationships.

Start from the beginning – from your very first date until the present moment- and then round it off with a grand proposal. If you’d like, you can include the proposal bit in the comic or wait until your girlfriend gets to the final page and then pop the question in person.

It may cost you a pretty penny to create that many comic strips, but it’s a memory you’ll both cherish forever.

Use popular superhero comics

Just like the couple at Comic-Con, you can use existing superhero comics for popping the question. Create a love story between two popular superheroes that ends in a proposal and then show up in the male superhero’s costume. Trust us, she’ll certainly get the memo.

The Best Comics to Propose Marriage to Your Girlfriend

If you’re thinking of using popular superhero comics to pop the question, even promoting on the Web with the help of different methods, including affiliate marketing, here are some you should certainly consider:

Batman and Catwoman

Although Batman and Catwoman’s relationship is best described as tentative, they’re certainly one of the most fawned over couples in superhero history. As such, you could use a Bat-Cat comic to propose to your girlfriend.

For instance, you could use a few comic strips showing the Rooftop scene where they both admit their feelings to each other. This approach will help to convey your feelings for her and is the perfect intro to a heartwarming proposal.

Spider-Man and MaryJane

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Who doesn’t love Spidey and Mary Jane? Your girlfriend probably does. Luckily, this duo has tons of romantic scenes that you could recreate for your grand proposal.

For starters, you could dress up as Spiderman and save Mary Jane before whisking her off to a location where you finally pop the question. Alternatively, you could also order a custom comic where Spiderman proposes to MaryJane, and when your girlfriend gets to the last page, you can then pop the question (bonus points if she’s named MaryJane as well).

Superman and Wonder Woman

Remember the whirlwind romance between these two iconic superheroes? Well, their love story – asides the messy breakup – can be a perfect backdrop for your proposal.

Gift your girlfriend a comic poster with Superman and Wonder Woman kissing and then show up in a Superman costume to pop the question. Sure, showing up in tight latex and a cape might be a tad embarrassing, but if we’re honest, it’s the thought that counts.

Final Thoughts

Comics are a great way to spice up your proposal and increase your chances of getting a yes from the woman you love. Regardless of your girlfriend’s nationality and background, she’ll certainly love some of the comic proposal ideas we’ve listed above. It’s certainly a much-needed break from the conventional proposal ideas she’s seen before.

So, whip out your favorite superhero costume, head over to the comic shop, and don’t forget to grab the engagement ring on your way out. Here’s to happy endings!

May the love force be with you.

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