Hold on to your butts!

TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 7th, BAD IDEA Destination Stores around the world will be celebrating the big BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE PRE-ORDER DAY EVENT!

That means you have just 1 days left to secure your pre-order for BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE!!

Get in touch with a BAD IDEA Destination Store today to pre-order and make sure you get a BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE redemption sticker. You won’t want to miss the extra, alternate and exclusive story choice it can be redeemed for!

Remember, each BAD IDEA Destination Store will have their own system for taking pre-orders and while you can register your interest right now, stores can only distribute the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE redemption sticker on September 7th.

To find a  BAD IDEA Destination Store near you simply click “STORES” on the official BAD IDEA website to view the full list!

A quick recap of BAD IDEA TWO for those that missed it:

BAD IDEA is officially back!

Not just back, but bigger, badder and filled to the brim with comics. We may have been “over”, but we certainly weren’t idle. Team BAD IDEA was hard at work building a massive reservoir of new comics. So massive that one slate of books could not contain it all.

Introducing BAD IDEA TWO — a mammoth two-part slate of mind-blowing comic books that are so staggering they have to be seen to be believed. These are the types of comics you can only make if you’re solely focused on creating them and not distracted by the printing or selling or marketing.

BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE consists of seven brain-melting, long box-busting titles so guaranteed to excite and dazzle that we’re going to offer them for a very special blind pre-order!

No details about the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE stories, titles or the creators will be revealed until after the BAD IDEA TWO PRE-ORDER DAY EVENT. So run, don’t walk, to one of the many BAD IDEA Destination Stores and pre-order all seven of the books in the big BAD IDEA return to guarantee nothing BAD IDEA-y prevents you from completing your BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE collection.

Here’s how the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE PRE-ORDER DAY event works:

1 – BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE is made up of seven titles (15 issues) on-sale between November and February.
2 – Connect with any BAD IDEA Destination Store (in-person or by any other means accepted by the store).
3 – Pre-order all seven of the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE titles with your store. You are pre-ordering blind. No titles. No story details. No creative teams. Only the cover price and number of issues will be released. Consult your store for their pre-order requirements.
4 – If you’re one of the first 10 people to pre-order all seven titles at your store, you will be awarded a swanky BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE redemption sticker.
5 – The sticker can be used to redeem, from BAD IDEA, an extra, alternate, and exclusive story choice for one of the soon-to-be-revealed books in the BAD IDEA TWO: PART ONE line-up. WTF is a story choice? Oh boy, just you wait.

BAD IDEA is more than just comics sold exclusively in comic book shops, it’s an all-in lifestyle that preaches no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores and the straightforwardness of Not First Printings. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

Make sure you don’t miss a single BAD IDEA release by visiting a BAD IDEA Destination Storeone of the more than 200 around the world. They’ll help you pick up all the glorious BAD IDEA books — but be quick, sell outs are common — or pre-order with one in advance to make sure you secure your copy.

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