Tommy Hancock talks about the AC UNIVERSE at PRO SE PRODUCTIONS

tommy-hancockFirst Comics News: There are a lot of independent comics out there, what is it about AC Comics that made them the right partners?

Tommy Hancock: AC Comics is not just any other independent comic outfit. It is one with a rich history that is similar in a significant way to Pro Se Productions. Early on, Bill Black sought to bring the characters and concepts of the Golden Age of Comics into play for both fans of the classics and potential new readers. Pro Se does much the same with classic Pulp characters, now branching off into comics and old time radio characters as well. The sense of revival, of finding what is best about the classic material and making it into something both nostalgic and new for readers today is what I always loved about AC. So, when author Barry Reese suggested Pro Se and AC talk to one another, it seemed like a great fit from the start.

1st: What can or can’t you do with the characters?

bill-blackTommy: Bill Black and AC Comics have a great deal of editorial control in the content and direction of the stories. Now, no limits have really been placed on anything we want to do, but the way we handle licenses such as this is the licensor (Bill/AC) will get a look at every story or book before it is even touched by our staff to make sure that they approve the continuity and what’s taking place within each story.

1st: Will the stories told by Pro SE be parts of the official canon for the AC Universe?

Tommy: I don’t know if AC Comics plans to include them as canon, but I will most definitely say that the work Pro Se produces will be written so it can be placed in canon if AC Comics so desired. We’re not reimagining characters or starting over or anything. The stories will be based on previous material and therefore suitable to be included in continuity.

1st: How many books in total are planned?

barry-reeseTommy: We have no limits planned. As many as we can get done and as long as Bill is happy with what we do, We want to keep doing them. We have an initial ten planned for 2017 alone, but that number could grow. I don’t see it shrinking.

1st: Barry Reese is writing a Nightveil novel what made him the right choice for this project?

Tommy: Barry has clearly shown his skill not only in writing finely crafted tales, but dealing both with lead female characters and supernatural themes. His work for Pro Se and beyond, including The Adventures of Gravedigger, show that he has a way with nuances of the supernatural as well as pacing and tension that will work well in the world of Nightveil

bobby-nash1st: Bobby Nash is also writing a Nightveil novel, why are they both working on the same character considering the size of the AC Universe?

Tommy: Because both are capable writers and were extended invitations to write a character of their choosing. Just so happens, they both chose Nightveil

1st: Will there be any other single character books?

Tommy: Yes. The only other one firmed up at this point is a Darkshade digest novel by crime, New Pulp, and comic author Gary Phillips in 2017.

gary-phillips1st: Who is working on the anthology books?

Tommy: No one as of yet, we will be making submission calls the week of December 5 for at least seven anthology titles.

1st: How does someone apply for the open submission if they are interested in writing a AC Universe story?

femforce169Tommy: The calls will go out on Facebook as well as our website,, and via news sites that carry information on such things.

1st: Will these book be available through Diamond or Amazon?

Tommy: They will be available on Amazon in print and digital format, various other formats in digital format, and by order, after a short period, in traditional bookstores. Any stores that wish to order directly, such as comic shops, may order directly from Pro Se Productions by emailing

1st: What price points are planed for this project?

darkshadeTommy: It will depend on the final format for each, but print books should range from 10 to 18 dollars depending on size. Also, digital copies will range from 2.99 to 4.99, depending on size.

1st: What is the tentative release schedule?

Tommy: That is not set in stone as of yet.

1st: Is there a way for hardcore AC fans to order all 10 books in a bundle?

Tommy: As of now, no, although we are considering introducing a possible subscription service around the AC and other imprints we have planned. This is, however, also still in the planning stages.

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