Phoenix, AZ – May 16th, 2024 – Todd McFarlane, creator of SPAWN, co-creator of Marvel’s Venom, President of McFarlane Toys, and co-founder of Image Comics, has once again made history. His recent auction of the original/digital cover art from the record-setting SPAWN #1 shattered records, becoming the highest-selling comic book cover NFT ever. Hosted on DRiP, the fastest-growing digital collectibles platform in the crypto space, the 48-hour auction drew significant attention from fans and collectors alike.

The SPAWN #1 Original/Digital Art NFT auction started at 1 SOL and saw a final winning bid of 110.25 SOL, approximately $16.5k. Over the 48 hours, a total of 18 bids were placed by 11 unique bidders. The auction generated intense interest in its final moments, with seven bids from three different bidders in the last 15 minutes alone, which extended the auction by an additional hour and two minutes. Incredibly, the price surged from 50 SOL to the final 110.25 SOL in the last hour.

This historic sale marks the highest ever for a digital-only comic book cover, setting a new benchmark in the world of digital collectibles. The winning bid was placed by a user known as “Shar,” making them the proud owner of the first DRiP Ultimate from Todd McFarlane.

The success of this auction paves the way for McFarlane’s continued presence in the NFT space. Fans can look forward to the second DRiP Ultimate auction, starting on June 14th, 2024, featuring more exclusive content from Todd McFarlane.

How to Participate in Future Auctions and Drops

For those interested in participating in upcoming auctions and securing exclusive drops from Todd McFarlane, fans need to download the Phantom Wallet Extension and connect it to the DRiP platform using the invite code ‘SPAWNIMG’. Once connected, search for Todd McFarlane or visit his profile and click ‘Subscribe.’ Subscribing is FREE and ensures users receive common drops whenever new content is released.

Once subscribed, users can claim common drops for 10 droplets each which are available for 7 days before expiring. Fans who want a chance at rare or legendary variants can join Todd’s Discord Community for the latest announcements on criteria for securing higher-level drops.

Upcoming Todd McFarlane Drops on DRiP

Todd McFarlane’s third drop on DRiP will be on May 17th, and features SPAWN #3, with the following variants:

  • Common: Basic Cover
  • Rare: Virgin Cover
  • Legendary: B&W Cover

Further Drops will feature additional SPAWN artwork, with more details announced on DRiP and Todd McFarlane’s Discord community.

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