Phoenix, AZ – [2/28/24] – Todd McFarlane Productions has unveiled an electrifying lineup of new titles offered at industry low prices, introducing The New U. line-up of new comic book titles, following his recent Record-Setting release of Spawn #350.

McFarlane has announced an UNSEEN COVER for this issue of Sam and Twitch: Case Files, set to release this March. The book will dive into the gritty world of true-crime involving two fan-favorite detectives in this brand-new series. For readers, looking for something beyond the traditional super-hero stories found in the other popular Spawn Universe Tales, this will be an opportunity to follow along murder mystery cases, with film noir visuals, told in an R-rated Drama format.

The two detectives, created by McFarlane, were first seen in the record-setting release of SPAWN #1, way back in 1992, and have been a staple in the Spawn Universe ever since.

This title is masterfully created by Writer Todd McFarlane, co-plotting by Jon Goff. Artistically, Szymon Kudranski brings his ultra-realistic visuals to the pages, creating a cinematic style that will feel more like a movie than a comic.

The two detectives, Sam and Twitch will navigate the treacherous streets of New York City, unraveling mysteries and confronting the darkness that lurks in many corners of the city. Fans can expect thrilling twists, complex characters, and realistic action as Sam and Twitch take center stage in this new adventure.

Todd McFarlane remains committed to providing fans with the lowest prices on comics in the industry. All of his studio titles, including all upcoming titles in The New U, which expand on his already three decades old universe, will be priced between $2.99. McFarlane’s commitment to accessible pricing ensures that fans can continue to enjoy the multiple themes within the ever-expanding SPAWN UNIVERSE.

The New U. titles will help build on that universe while offering books with a bigger variety of genres including:  Horror. Drama. Crime. Sci-Fi. Comedy.

In April, readers will also be able to immerse themselves in the fantastic, Sci-Fi streets of Rat City. Its debut issue will be available for pre-order by March 18th for an April 10th in store release.

May will bring forth Monolith, a three-issue mini-series promising epic storytelling, with pre-orders available by April 22nd for a May 15th in store release.

June and July introduce three new four-issue mini-series that are sure to excite fans, featuring Misery, Medieval Spawn, and Spawn Kills Every Spawn.

August presents Violator, an oversized six-issue mini-series, with Knights vs. Samurai releasing later in the month.

September introduces Deadly Tales, an exciting new ongoing series.

October debuts No Home Here – a bi-monthly series with an extended page count.

Several other titles are currently in production, such as Focus, Spawn: The Dark Ages, She-Spawn, Bloodletter, and Spawn 77. Fans should expect to learn more about these titles throughout the coming months.

Note: Prices, release dates, and other details are subject to change. Please check with local retailers for the most up-to-date information.

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