Every so often in my line of work I run across TALENT. Pure, complete and utter writing devastation. That’s what writer WES RAND has in his tales of the anti-hero EVIL STRYKER. If you’ve ever wondered what the Punisher would look like in the Wild West or perhaps how fighting, drinking, sexing and an ounce of morality would play out… you’ve met your storyteller! But don’t take my opinion, here’s what industry pros have to say in advance praise:

“Gritty, dark, and fast-paced—If you love frontier action, Wes Rand’s PAYBACK IS HELL will knock you out of the saddle.” Eric J. Guignard, award-winning author, and editor, including After Death… and Baggage of Eternal Night, Bram Stoker Award-winner

“As a filmmaker, I can see the vibrant images come to life on every page as Evil Stryker crosses every line of decency and yet leaves the women wanting him and the men wanting to be him. Wes has created an anti-hero of devastating impact.” – Vincent Rocca, Writer/Director of KISSES AND CAROMS, Author of 11 Simple Steps to Turn a Screenplay into a Marketable Movie: Or, How I Got a $10k Movie to Gross $1 Million through Warner Bros

“A wild ride through the old west, filled with unforgettable characters and plenty of action. Payback Is Hell hits all the marks! You’re going to love Evil Stryker!”  —John Palisano, Vice President of the Horror Writers Association and Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of Night of 1,000 Beasts


1) Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No, I had been reading a western series which ended, and I got tired of good guys taking bad guys in to stand trial. I wanted a character who is so damn mean, the bad guys are afraid of him.

2) What works inspired you to pursue this career?

Edge Series by George Gilman

3) Do you have an ideal reader in mind?

Yes, educated professionals, readers who relate to a conservative philosophy, readers who want quick justice, not the traditional purple sage western reader, and women who like men with balls.

4) Why do you choose the words you do?

I try to imagine the characters talking and acting, saying and doing things which fit their persona’s. I like simple, yet descriptive, prose. I want the stories to be easy to read, no fuzziness, clean and bold.

5) Who would play your characters in a movie? Jack Palance for Stryker, Dagny Taggart (ok maybe Angelina Jolie) for Morgan.

6) What are the biggest mistakes new writers make?

Thinking that their shit is great and writing is easy.

7) Have you been to comic-con?


8) What is success to you?

To be widely read, affecting reader’s philosophical perspectives, so that they realize socialism sucks.

9) How does politics factor into your narrative?

See question 8 answer

10) Advice for wannabe writers who haven’t committed yet?

Write. Write what you like. Write what you’d enjoy reading. If you do, you’ll be more likely to write regularly. Let others correct your grammar, you tell the story you would want to read, to feel.

For more information on WES RAND or the EVIL STRYKER series please visit and pick up a NEW copy of PAYBACK IS HELL coming soon… read what the Producer of the film “BONE TOMAHAWK” (starring Kurt Russel) had to say about it:

“Payback is Hell operates like a confident, skilled executioner across its violent Western landscape.” -Dallas Sonnier, Producer of BONE TOMAHAWK

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