It’s ME,

It’s Him,

It’s T-I-M,

Hello, once again dear readers. I have survived SDCC 2018!!

In planning to attend I needed a place to crash and with lots of San Diego area friends I thought it’d be no problem, I always figure it out. Well… now that I’m 37 turns out many of my buddies have husbands or wives that have a say in the matter, some have kids too or pissy boyfriends not wanting a sexy stud like me around. I finally had a college buddy give me the thumbs up only to flake out days before because his wife got pissy about having me stay there because their son was in the hospital- what? Yeah, I still don’t get it but either way, he let me down, I cried to the Facebook gods and two horror writer buddies came through. I ended up staying with the HWA San Diego Prez which was kickass. Great dude, more on him later.

When I was running over to my panel on Thursday my Comic-con adventure was almost over before it started because I dared enter through the wrong door!!!! Oooohhh Noooo – yeah some red goateed asshair got in my face and threatened to get me ejected because I literally went in through the ADA door by mistake. I apologized but he was in an “I’m the Boss” rant and it took security talking sense into Assface McDouschbag to let me go about my way. I was feet from the escalator when he had chased me down because of my crime. What a dick. Anyway, I made it to the panel and cooled off enough to have a blast with buddies Rik Offenberger, Jez Ibelle, Josh W, etc. We had a packed room and lively interactions. I had ten or so friends and peers come to support and I appreciated that.

The Comic-Con was overwhelming as always but in a peaceful good way. I was in a melancholy mood with the passing of Jon Schnepp who I’d worked with during the promotion of The Death of Superman Lives What Happened?! Doc. It had been the last time I spoke with Kevin Smith, when he gave me my quote n my writing. Jon was an abrasive loud opinionated guy and truth be told I wasn’t a big fan until I met him off stage, he actually was a big teddy bear and I enjoyed talking with him. We last spoke a few weeks ago at the AWESOME Las Vegas Comic-Con. I’d asked him if he had finally married his long-time girlfriend Holly, a few years earlier she finally gave up on waiting for him and she proposed to him! He told me not yet. Now he’s dead. I took Friday off from the Comic-Con action and went to the beach. I spent a day contemplating what’s truly important in this life… and the finite time we have here to seek it. Saturday night in Hall H Kevin Smith held a moment of silence in his memory, I was in the front row for it.

I attended part of the Eisner Awards which was really fun. It’s the Oscars for comics – is how it was explained to me. I saw Felicia Day and Wong from Dr.Strange among others but the thing that stood out to me most was the politics.. holy geez- my friend and I couldn’t believe how every other award winner had a comment about how: ‘In Times Like This…” STFU. Stop lumping everyone into your liberal sour-puss sore loser bullshit. Not everyone was “With Her” so stop it. Lame. Super lame. Could you imagine if people did that shit with O’Bummer in office? With the world being so divisive right now what we need is honest communication not demonizing of the “other”, especially at an event to celebrate art. Pop your bubble and meet the other side.

Another lesson I learned this weekend happened on Sunday. I like Michael Kingston (The creator of Headlocked) a lot. The dude is helpful, supportive, and encouraging; plus he looks like Bruce Willis and what’s not to love!? We’ve been on panels together and the dude supported one of my many failed Kickstarter. He had a moment with me at his booth while I was visiting, where he told me how frustrating it was that fans would come to see his famous star pro wrestlers signing at his booth over the years: Rob Van Dam, Jerry The King Lawler, Joey Ryan, Lita, etc- but many of those wrestling fans wouldn’t buy or even try his comic Headlocked. I listened to him but then something ***HIT ME*** he was talking about assholes… like ME!

I was his friend, would speak highly of him to everyone BUT I had never supported with dollars!! When that hit me I immediately bought all 3 graphic novels on the spot – $40, let me just say this: readers please support ART with MONEY!!! That helps them pay the rent and stick around. That was a big deal for me and I’m glad I learned that lesson. I immediately picked up a bunch more comics from artists and writers I admired.

Overall my time at Comic-Con 2018 was a hoot. I joined with friends new/old at a meeting for the Horror Writers Association, attended really great panels, met with my buddies Tawala and Mo Kelly from KFI and went bar-hopping with cool dudes. My time spent with Brian Asman of the San Diego chapter of HWA was a highlight. Solid dude. I guess my old college buddy flaking worked out after all.

God had a plan.

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It’s ME, It’s Him, It’s T-I-M, Hello, once again dear readers. I have survived SDCC 2018!! In planning to attend I needed a place to crash and with lots of San Diego area friends I thought it’d be no problem, I always figure it out. Well… now that I’m 37 turns out many...