TMI on “SOUL TRAITOR” the new novel from SPOOKY NINJA KITTY Publishing

Its ME,

Its HIM,

Its T-I-M, Here to tell you about a new book. SOUL TRAITOR out from SpookyNinjaKitty publishing.

“Reaches past the conventions of the common place.” – CLIVE BARKER

“Tim Chizmar has found the perfect outlet for his wicked sense of humor—the pages of fantasy fiction. Demons, devils and humans join Tim’s circus with echoes of Faust and Dante. Buy a ticket.”—Steve Mazan, Emmy-winning writer, & Author of Dying to do Letterman

“At Troma we pride ourselves on recognizing the future Hollywood talents of tomorrow, Tim Chizmar is one of these, with his wild ideas and never ending insanity he will be a force to be reckoned with on the scare scene for years to come. He scares me.” –Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger

“Tim Chizmar is crazy with imagination and has an awesome way with words. If you don’t give his book a chance I got two words for you, Super Kick!! If you’re not down with that I got two more words for you, Suck It!” – Nick Jackson, IWGP and Ring of Honor Tag Champion, The Young Bucks

Behold the Bizarre, Demonic, Mad Ramblings of a possibly Drug-induced Fever Dream of Epic Shock-value proportion. Can your heart withstand the devastating impact of 13 unlucky chapters filled with opportunistic bad-intentioned Archangels, hard-working manipulative Demons, a beautiful young nudist writer willing to sell her soul, a chubby little asshole cherub, the Devil himself and a goddamn fish-burning Dragon?!

Two bodies, one soul, breaking the rules of love and decency, pissing off the afterlife has never been more fun and nothing will ever be the same.








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