RICH REVIEWS: Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade # 3

Title: Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade # 3
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written and Colored by: Jason Martin
Co-Written by: Dan Mendoza
Artwork/Cover by: Winston Young
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Zombie Tramp Created by: Dan Mendoza
Vampblade Created by: Jason Martin
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book contains 27 pages of comic book content too intense for the faint of heart.
Here the two supernatural fighters Zombie Tramp and Vampblade seem to have switched bodies? Now as they fight an alien space vampire things take an unexpected turn. Ok, things really turn weird.
We find out who is leading these alien space vampires, the Suck Lord. Yes really.
Two hot babes in skin-tight black outfits face the Suck Lord and yes there are sexual references in the art. Then they are all naked.
More body switching and everybody is back where they belong. Vampblade sticks her butt out for a big close-up butt shot.
Two babes fighting alien space vampire worms and one Suck Lord, of course, make for one weird book that is kind of sexy too.

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