Title: The Smurf Tales # 1: The Smurfs and the Bratty Kid

Title: The Smurf Tales # 1: The Smurfs and the Bratty Kid (GN)Publisher: Papercutz
Script: Miguel Diaz Vizoso and Thierry Culliford, Yvan Delforte and Thierry Culliford, Peyo
Art: Jeroen De Coninck, Alain Muary, Peyo
Colors: Nine Culliford, Studio Leonardo
Translation: Joe Johnson
Letters: Bryan Senka and Wilson Ramos Jr.
Price:  $14.99 US, $ 19.99 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: www.papercutz.com
Comments: “The Smurfs and the Bratty Kid”
The art is so beautiful and fun.
Awsum, a bratty kid, makes it to the Smurf village, and there creates havoc. His uncle Adalbert is a great man. So Papa Smurf decides to help the uncle out by making the kid a better person.
Papa Smurf is clever and smart so his plan is one you know will succeed. Even spoiled rotten brats have some good in them and Papa Smurf is just the one to bring it out. Things do have a way of working out in the Smurf Village.
“The Horde of the Crow” Johan and Peewit are two characters. Peewit runs off after feels he is mistreated. Johan runs off to mobilize an army to help his neighboring kingdom. This story is about war only it drags on and on. It does try to be funny but fails at it. The art does look cute and the characters are drawn to look fun.
“The Smurf Gags” These are short skits with the Smurfs and they will make you smile. The art is beautifully done.
“The Hanged Man’s Inn” Johan and Peewit have a short adventure as they stay the night in an inn. Some robbers find things not exactly going their way.
The Smurfs are such an amazing race of little creatures. They know how to have fun and enjoy life. They do make great role models.

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