RICH REVIEWS: The Adventures of Auroraman # 0

Title: The Adventures of Auroraman # 0
Publisher: Chapterhouse
Co-Written by: Andrew Lorenz & Jeff Burton
Art by: Justin Shauf
Colours by: Donovan Yaciuk
Letters by: Rod Salim
Logo by: Rick Parker
Cover by: Justin Shauf & Donovan Yaciuk
Variant Cover by: Andrew Ford
Price: $ 5.00 US, $ .99 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Jeff Burton is just a guy out at night watching the skies. Then something miraculous happens. He becomes a super-hero, Canad’s newest super-hero.
Auroraman has some awesome powers and weird villains. He is a teacher and super-hero. Now he is easy to connect with as he could be you or me.
The backup story also called “The Adventures of Auroraman” is written by Jeff Burton, art by Jason Sylvestre and colours by Try Groff.
The art here is flat. It still brings out the personality of Auroraman as a hero who helps others. The colours make good use of blending two shades together. The story delivers a mystery for Auroraman one that includes Moose.
“The Adventures of Lil Auroraman and Friends!” is written by Dan Collins and art by Andrew Thomas.
This little adventure is filled to the brim with lil super-heroes. They are in for some mighty big adventures.
The comic ends with a few gorgeous pin-ups that you will want to see.
Auroraman in this issue is introduced to us and as the comic continues and builds we hopefully will see it soar just as Auroraman does.

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