Title: Sliced # 1

sliced-v1-cover-feat-1Title: Sliced # 1
Publisher: Sliced Quarterly
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover by: Freja Steele
Price: free online
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Website: http://slicedquarterly.co.uk/
Comments: “Meta-Affliction” by Ken Reynolds. This is weird story about a woman who is sort of in a comic but does not want to be. She takes control of the situation. It is fun to see real life beat imaginary comic life. The art is nice and simple but good.
“Newspaper Man” Geophagy” by Stewart Moore. Nice colors in this story. The story itself and the art make no sense though.
“Ontologue Part 1” by Rob Cannon. Nice soft tones are used in the art. It does lack detail though and the story makes little to no sense at all.
“Spotlight on Installation” by Ben Peter Johnson. Great bright colors are used in this story. The story is short and to the point. But still it does not deliver a story with a punch line. Why was this story written?
“All Along the Watchtower” Script by Chris Redfern, art by Dave Snell and letters by Ken Reynolds. Beautiful bright colors are used here. The colors with the letters look stunning. The wench girl illustrated here is gorgeous. The story itself makes no sense.
“The Elevations & Depressions of a Local Radio Presenter” by Bee Bop and additional letters by Ken Reynolds. Well the life of a Local Radio Presenter is boring and uneventful. So this is a bring and uneventful story. The art is fine but nothing outstanding about it.
“Szlam/Slime” by Lukasz Kowalczuk. Beautifully bright yellow and green colors. No words in this very short story about a guy getting drunk. That is the whole story.
“Pulse” Script by Scott Melrose, art by Tony Suleri and letters by Ken Reynolds. The art is pasty and vague. Interesting and cutely written short story.
“The Body Bag” Script Chris Sides, art Denis Vermesse and design Ken Reynolds. This is a sick story about a friend looking after her friend’s dog. Very very sick and twisted.
This is an anthology, a collection of short stories.

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